The Bases of Ethics
edited by William Sweet
Marquette University Press, 2000


Introduction: Bases in Ethics and Ethical Foundationalism
                William Sweet

Ch. 1     The Origins and Uses of the Classical Moral Theories
                Roger Sullivan
Ch. 2     Wisdom as Foundational Ethical Theory in Thomas Aquinas
                Lawrence Dewan, o.p.
Ch. 3     Descartes and the Ethics of Generosity
               Leslie Armour
Ch. 4    Is Pity the Basis of Ethics? Nietzsche versus Schopenhauer
               Timothy Sprigge
Ch. 5    Jacques Maritain and Karol Wojtyla: Approches to Modernity
               Kenneth Schmitz
Ch. 8    On the Foundations of Ethics
               Hugo Meynell
Ch. 9    Ethics, the Humanities and the Formation of Persons
               Thomas de Koninck
Ch. 10   Personal Identity and the Sense of Duty
               Elizabeth Trott
Ch. 11  Passing Through: Women's Experiences and Ethics
               Monique Dumais
Ch. 12  Ladrière's 'Eschatology of Reason' and the Foundations of Ethics
               Louis Perron
Ch. 13 The Foundations of Ethics and Moral Practices
               William Sweet


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