Biographical Encyclopedia of British Idealism


Editor : William Sweet


ISBN : 1843711494 / Year : 2006


This is a unique and significant new reference work, which reflects the shifting intellectual boundaries of British Thought between 1860 and 1920. Often regarded as an aberrant phase in the history of late nineteenth and early twentieth-century philosophy, British Idealism provoked a wide range of attacks and replies from all the major figures of the time, such as Sidgwick, Dewey, Broad, and of course, Russell.


Some of the major figures which were associated with the movements were Bosanquet, F.H. Bradley, Edward Caird, Collingwood, T.H. Green, Hobhouse, McTaggart, Muirhead, Ritchie and Stirling. Earlier idealists such as the Cambridge Platonists, Coleridge, Carlyle and Ferrier amongst others, are also included as are important later contributors such as Oakeshott. Non-British thinkers who made important contributions to the traditions and discussion such as Blanshard, Croce, Dewey, William James, Peirce, Royce and Santayana also have entries.


In recent years there has been a considerable amount of renewed interest and many of the ideas of that tradition are being reintroduced and discussed in philosophy and politics.