Freedom of Religion

edited by William Sweet

Table of Contents



William Sweet

Freedom of Religion: From Toleration to Human Right


Ch. 1

Paul Groarke

Law and Freedom of Religion


Ch. 2

William Sweet

Jacques Maritain and Freedom of Conscience


Ch. 3

Dennis Hudecki

Religious Freedom, Exclusivism and Tolerance


Ch. 4

Robert Delfino

The Problem of Justifying the Right to Freedom of Religion


Ch 5

Bambang Sugiharto

The Right To Religion


Ch. 6

Jove Aguas

Religious Pluralism and Freedom of Religion


Ch 7

Mahmoud Maeseli

Freedom and Recognition of Others in the Islamic Faith


Ch. 8

Andrea Bonazzi

Some Notes on Confucianism and Religious Freedom


Ch. 9

Stephen F Schneck

Religion and the American Framing


Ch. 10

Pantaleon Iroegbu 

The Non-Discriminatory State: Toward a Model of Church-State Relationship and Freedom of Religion in Nigeria


Ch. 11

Ghazala Irfan

Reconciling the Madrassah with the School: Freedom of Religion, Education, and the Dilemma of Contemporary Muslims


Ch. 12

Robin Sahaya Seelan, SJ

Rethinking Religious Freedom in India: Issues and Challenges


Ch 13

Marian Kao

Freedom of Religion and the Phenomenon of Cultural Christianity in Contemporary China


Ch. 14

Chibueze Udeani

Freedom of Religion in Nigeria: a Freedom in Context


Ch. 15

Lucian Turcescu and Lavinia Stan

Religious Freedom in Eastern Europe


Ch. 16

Richard Khuri

Religious Freedom in the Arab Muslim World:  The Existential-Qur'anic Dimension

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