Idealism, Metaphysics and Community
Edited by William Sweet
Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publishing, 2001


Table of contents

Introduction: Idealism and Beyond
                William Sweet

Section 1 - Idealism

Chapter 1: Hugo Meynell, FRSC
                "Primus inter pares: D.C. Stowe among the Idealists"

Chapter 2: Lee F. Werth,
                "F.H. Bradley's Absolute, or Rationality Transmuted"

Chapter 3: Bill Mander,
                "Bradley and Green on Relations"

Chapter 4: Don MacNiven,
                "F.H. Bradley on Conflict of Interest"

Chapter 5: James Bradley,
                "F.H. Bradley's Metaphysics of Feeling and the Theory of Relations"

Section 2 - Metaphysics

Chapter 6: John Leslie, FRSC
                "Anti Anti-Realism"

Chapter 7: Lawrence Dewan,
                "St. Thomas and Infinite Causal Regress "

Chapter 8: James Thomas,
                Leslie Armour, Spinoza and Rational Psychology

Chapter 9: Vidar Lande,
                "Kierkegaardian Idealism: The Suffering Reality of Reason and Love"

Chapter 10: Thomas de Koninck,
                "On Time And Eternity"

Section 3 - Community

Chapter 11: Kevin Sullivan,
                "Radhakrishnan's Concept of Universal Liberation"

Chapter 12: R.M. Fox,
                "The Act/Rule Dispute"

Chapter 13: Brenda Wirkus,
                "Conceptualizing Community in order to Realize it"

Chapter 14: William Sweet,
                "Religious Belief and Community"

Chapter 15: David Lea,
                "Cultural Diversity and Canadian National Identity"

Chapter 16: Bradley Munro,
                "A History of the History of Philosophy in Canada"

Chapter 17: Elizabeth Trott,
                Cows, Wolves, and the Absolute

Chapter 18: Robin Mathews,
                Canadian Nationalism and Canadian Philosophy

Bibliography and Index

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