Bosanquet and the Legacy of British Idealism
September 1 and 2, 1999
Harris Manchester College, Oxford

in association with
The Bradley Society
The British Society for the History of Philosophy,
and with the support of the Mind Association

Organising Committee: William Sweet, Bill Mander, Colin Tyler

updated 1999 11 01

The Conference, which welcomed scholars from around the world, is over, but many of the discussion initiated at the Conference continue. Plans are being made for the preparation of an edited volume, The Philosophy of Bernard Bosanquet, that will include some of the papers from the conference along with some additional invited papers.

Speakers included Fred Wilson (Toronto), John Morrow (Victoria [New Zealand]), Timothy Sprigge (Edinburgh), Leslie Armour (Ottawa), Andrew Vincent (Cardiff), Marie-Luise Raters (Humboldt [Berlin]), Phil Ferreira (Kutztown [Pennsylvania]), Silvio Morigi (Siena [Italy]), Elizabeth Trott (Ryerson, Canada); James Allard (Montana); Gabriel Apata (Birbeck, London); Sandra den Otter (Queen's, Canada); Stamatoula Panagakou (York); James Connelly (Southampton); Phillip MacEwen (York, Canada); Peter Nicholson (York); Colin Tyler (University College London).

Perhaps more than any other philosopher associated with British Idealism, Bernard Bosanquet made contributions to the study of ethics and political philosophy, logic, metaphysics, and aesthetics, and to social work and adult education. Among the issues to be addressed at this conference are those of the legacy of this idealism and its relation to philosophers outside of the idealist `school' (e.g., Russell, Wittgenstein), to philosophers of succeeding generations in Britain (e.g., Collingwood, Oakeshott, Harris), in the Anglo-American world (e.g., Royce, E. Jordan, Whitehead), and on the European continent (e.g., Croce, Gentile, Husserl), and to such disciplines as sociology, aesthetics, psychology, metaphysics, political philosophy, logic, and epistemology.

The number of papers to be accepted for presentation at the conference will be limited to ensure as much breadth as possible and ample time for discussion. Papers, including some of those not presented at the conference, will also be considered for inclusion a volume of critical essays based on the conference theme.

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