The Collected Works of Bernard Bosanquet

20 Volumes

Edited and introduced by William Sweet
St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia

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About the Editor
Bernard Bosanquet was one of the leading figures of the idealist movement that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th century. He made major contributions to philosophy and had a significant role in British social policy. His work shows the greatest breadth of any of the idealists, and was discussed by the leading figures of his day, such as the philosophers Bertrand Russell, Samuel Alexander and F. H. Bradley, and social reformers such as Sidney and Beatrice Webb and William Booth. A prolific author, Bosanquet made major contributions to aesthetics, religion, metaphysics, politics, social philosophy and (idealist) logic. He wrote or edited some 20 books and was the author of over 150 articles. In his obituary in The Times, he was said to have been 'the central figure of British philosophy for an entire generation'. Bosanquet's idealism has recently been recognized as valuable in addressing contemporary debates in political philosophy, ethics, epistemology, and the metaphysics of community. With the renewed interest in idealism during the last decade, the time has come for a reissue of his works.

This major new edition is the first comprehensive collection of Bosanquet's work, gathering all of his books and his major articles and essays. It contains 2 new volumes of previously uncollected and reset articles, including difficult-to-find items published in little-known journals or magazines. The collection features new editorial introductions, a complete bibliography of his publications, and an extensive bibliography of studies of his work.

Bosanquet has been overshadowed by F. H. Bradley until now. The Works reintroduces an author whom F. H. Bradley wrote 'there is no one among the living whose work I put higher or value more.'

Bosquanet was among the first British philosophers to address the work of Benedetto Croce, Giovanni Gentile, and Edmund Husserl and to introduce it to an English language audience.


Volume 1
Introduction by William Sweet
Selected Essays
Edited by William Sweet
Previously uncollected material, all reset
Bibliography by William Sweet

Volumes 2 & 3
Logic, or the Morphology of Knowledge, (2nd ed., 1911), 2 vols. : 384pp/ 327pp

Volume 4
A History of Aesthetic, (2nd ed., 1904) : 504pp

Volume 5
The Philosophical Theory of the State, (4th ed., 1923) : 342pp

Volume 6
The Principle of Individuality and Value, (1912) : 409pp

Volume 7
The Value and Destiny of the Individual, (1913) : 331pp

Volume 8
Psychology of the Moral Self, (1897) : 132pp
The Distinction between Mind and its Objects, (1913) : 73pp
Three Chapters on the Nature of Mind, (1923) : 159pp

Volume 9
Knowledge and Reality: A Criticism of Mr F. H. Bradley's 'Principles of Logic', (1885) : 333pp

Volume 10
The Essentials of Logic: Being Ten Lectures on Judgement and Inference, (1895) : 167pp
Implication and Linear Inference, (1920) : 180pp

Volume 11
A Companion to Plato's Republic for English Readers: Being a Commentary adapted to Davies and Vaughan's Translation, (1895) : 430pp

Volume 12
Essays and Addresses, (1889) : 199pp

Volume 13
The Civilization of Christendom and other Studies, (1893) : 383pp

Volume 14
Essays on Aspects of the Social Problem and Social Policy, Edited and introduced by William Sweet  [Previously uncollected materials, all reset]
Full details available on request

Volume 15
Social and International Ideals: Being Studies in Patriotism, (1917) : 325p

Volume 16
Some Suggestions in Ethics, (2nd ed., 1919) : 264pp

Volume 17
Three Lectures on Aesthetic, (1915) : 118pp
What Religion is, (1920) : 81pp

Volume 18
The Meeting of Extremes in Contemporary Philosophy, (1921) : 220pp

Volume 19
Science and Philosophy and Other Essays by the Late Bernard Bosanquet, ed. J. H. Muirhead and R. C. Bosanquet   (1927) : 446pp

Volume 20
Bernard Bosanquet and his Friends, ed. J. H. Muirhead   (1935) : 326pp

About the Editor

William Sweet is Associate Professor of Philosophy; Co-editor of The Philosophical Theory of the State and Related Essays by Bernard Bosanquet (TP, 1998).
Currently organising a conference on 'Bosanquet and the Legacy of British Idealism' to be held at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, September 1-2, 1999.

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Available from March 1999 (USA April 1999)
ISBN 1 85506 600 9
20 volumes: c.7000pp
Format:  Hb : 216x138mm
PRICE: £1200.00/ $1850.00
Subject: Philosophy

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