Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers
La société canadienne des philosophes chrétiens et chrétiennes
annual conference - May 26-27, 2001

May 26 - location tba

Joint CPA-Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers book symposium
On John Leslie's Modern Cosmology and Philosophy (Prometheus Books, 2000)
Chair: William Sweet (St Francis Xavier University)

1. Elisabeth Boetskes (McMaster)
2. James Gerrie (Guelph)
3. Leslie Armour (Dominican College)
4. William Sweet (St Francis Xavier University)
Respondent: John Leslie (Emeritus, Guelph)

May 27 - location tba


1. Phillip Wiebe, Trinity Western University,
        "Christic Visions as Hallucinations"
2. Robert Larmer, University of New Brunswick, Fredricton,
        "Mind, Miracles and Intelligent Design"
3. Paul Groarke, St. Thomas University,
        "The Legal Ontology of Persons"


4. Klaas J. Kraay, University of Toronto,
        "Mapping the Possible"
5. Joseph Novak, University of Waterloo,
        "Plato, Job and the Problem of Evil"
6. Colin Ruloff, The Claremont Graduate School,
        "Evidentialism, Warrant and Defeated Basic Theistic Belief"