updated 30 September 2000

Association canadienne Jacques Maritain
Canadian Jacques Maritain Association

Symposium annuel/Annual Symposium

Vendredi le 3 novembre/Friday November 3 and Samedi le 4 novembre/Saturday November 4, 2000

Maritain, Art, and Knowledge
Maritain, l'art, et la connaissance

Saint Paul University, 236 Main St., Ottawa
Dominican College of Philosophy & Theology, 96 Empress
Ottawa, Ontario

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Vendredi le 3 novembre /Friday November 3

3.00 p.m.  Executive meeting

7.30 p.m. / 19h30  AMPHITHEATRE (Room 1124)

Introduction - William Sweet, President, CJMA / ACJA
7.45 p.m. / 19h45                   Maritain Association inaugural lecture
The World as a Work of Art
Leslie Armour, FRSC
[co-sponsored by the Faculty of Philosophy, Saint Paul University]

Reception to follow: Elisabeth-Bruyère Atrium

Samedi le 4 novembre/Saturday November 4

9.00 a.m.
Walter James Schultz
    The Eclipse of the Person in Postmodern Iconography

9.50 a.m.
Gabor Csepregi
    On Hearing and Understanding Music

10.40 a.m.
Jason West
    Critiquing Idealism: Garrigou-Lagrange, Gilson and Maritain

11.30 a.m. Business Meeting

12.00 p.m. Lunch / repas du midi

1.15 p.m.
Stephen Rocker
    Hegel and Maritain on Philosophy of Art:  Incompatibility or Complementarity?

2.15 p.m.
Rhiannon Mathias
     The Restoration of Stravinsky: A Russian Fox with Catholic Tastes

3.15 p.m.
Elizabeth Trott
    Northrop Frye, Jacques Maritain, and the Limits of Poetic Knowledge

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For more information, please contact:

Professor William Sweet,
Department of Philosophy, St Francis Xavier University,
Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5;
fax 902-867-3243; tel 902-867-2341; Internet: wsweet@stfx.ca

or / ou

Professor Leslie Armour, Philosophy,
Dominican College of Philosophy & Theology,
96 rue Empress,
Ottawa, Ontario,
Canada K1R 7G3