Tentative programme:

The Canadian Jacques Maritain Association / 
				Association Canadienne Jacques Maritain

Secretary: Chantal Beauvais
Programme Organizers: Leslie Armour, Lawrence Dewan O.P.*
The Bases of Ethical Theory
A conference in conjunction with the Learned Societies of Canada 
                               & the Canadian Philosophical Association
May 30 & 31, Brock University
St. Catharines, Ontario 
Thursday, May 30, 9 a.m.
Roger Sullivan (South Carolina)
Aristotle and Kant

Neil Cooper (Dundee)
Understanding and Ethics

Pierre Fortin (Rimouski)
Pourquoi la morale?  Le faut-il absolutement?

2 p.m.
David Gallagher (Catholic University of America)
Love and the Foundation of Thomistic Ethics

Eleonore Stump (St. Louis)
Justice as a Virtue: Aquinas's Account

Lawrence Dewan (Dominican College and Catholic University of America)
Ethics and Wisdom in St. Thomas

 Friday May 31, 9 a.m. 
Venant Cauchy (Montreal)
The Possibility of a Natural Ethics

Louis Perron (Ottawa)
Ethique et rationalisme phenomenologique

Monique Dumais (Rimouski)
Traverser: Experiences des femmes et ethique

2 p.m. 
Leslie Armour (Ottawa)
Descartes and the Ethics of Generosity

Suzie Johnson (Ottawa)
Berulle, Descartes and Goodness

William Sweet (St. Francis Xavier)
Knowledge and the Possibility of a Foundational Account of Ethics

* Mme Beauvais can be reached at 613 237-1348,
Prof. Armour at 613 241-6947 (fax 613 241-9767) and 
Father Dewan at 202 529-5300 (until May 1) and 613 232-7363 (after May 1).