Canadian Jacques Maritain Association / 
			l'association canadienne Jacques Maritain

God & Argument
A conference in conjunction with the Learned Societies of Canada
Sponsored by the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada 
& The Dominican College of Philosophy & Theology, Ottawa

June 2 & 3, 1997

Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland

Programme Organizers: Leslie Armour, Lawrence Dewan O.P. 
Representative at Memorial University: Peter Harris
Secretary: Chantal Beauvais

All meetings are in Science 2000

There will be a dinner in the upper room at "Nautical Nellie's" is 210
Water Street (Tel 709-738-1120)  in the upper room for 8.00 p.m.
(immediately after the President's Reception) on Monday 2nd.  Taxis will
be available at a special conference rate.


June 2, 9 a.m.

James Bradley, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Strong and Weak Theories of Existence

John Haldane, St. Andrews,
Minds, Created and Divine

 10: 30 a.m.

Robert Larmer, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton
The Argument from Miracle

Dan Goldstick, University of Toronto,
Plantigna, God and Consistency

June 2, 2 p.m.

Peter Harris, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Creation and The Argument "a contingentia mundi"

Gregory Reichberg, Fordham
Aquinas, The Quarta Via, and Truth

3: 30  p.m. 
Lawrence Dewan, Dominican College
Thomas Aquinas and God's Existence: Owens vs Gilson

William Sweet, St. Francis Xavier
Richard Whatley and the Origins of Anglo-Saxon Evidentialism

June 3, 9 a.m. 

Elizabeth Trott, 
The Design Connection, Possible Not Actual

James Ross, University of Pennsylvania
Proving the Existence of God

10:30 a.m.

Leslie Armour, Dominican College of Philosophy and Theology and University
of Ottawa
Anselm's Proof and Some Problems of Meaning and Reference

Jason West, University of Waterloo
St. Anselm and His Critics: A Response

 June 3, 2 p.m.

(Session en français )

Chantal Beauvais, University of Ottawa
Mary Daly, Jacques Maritain: quelques considerations,rations sur Dieu

Thomas De Koninck, Laval
La question de l'existence de Dieu, chez Maurice Zundel

Louis Perron, University of Ottawa
Pour une réinterpretation phénoménologique de la question de Dieu

Canadian Society for Neoplatonic Studies
Societé Canadienne des Études Néoplatoniciennes

June 4, 9 a.m.

Room C4042

Leslie Armour, Dominican College and University of Ottawa
Becoming Like God, Plotinus, Malebranche and the Idea of Order

Lawrence Dewan, Dominican College and Catholic University of America
Etienne Gilson and the Actus Essendi

Frederick Schroeder, Queen's University, Kingston

Rhetoric in Plotinus

	Our thanks to SSHRCC, Professor Peter Harris, Memorial University,
and The Dominican College and all the participants:
	The Canadian Jacques Maritain Association:
President: Leslie Armour:; 
Vice-President: William Sweet: wsweet@juliet; 
Past-President: Lawrence Dewan, O.P.:; 
Secretary: Chantal Beauvais:; 
Treasurer: Louis Perron:; 
Representative at Memorial: Peter Harris: