Administrative experience

Offices in learned societies

Secretary-General, World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies, 1998-present.
President (1999-2006), Vice-President (1996-99), and Member of the Board of Directors, the Canadian Jacques Maritain Association, 1995-present.
President (2001-2002), Past-President (2003-05) and Vice-President (1997-2001), Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers, 1997-2005.
Member of the Executive Committee and Vice-President (2001-present), International Congress for Social Philosophy (India), 2000-present
Member of the Scientific Committee, International Conference on Human Rights, Qom, Iran

Chair, Committee on Outreach to Christian Philosophers, American Society of Christian Philosophers, 1996-present.
Member of Executive and Membership Secretary, Canadian Society for Studies in Religion (CSSR), 1999-2001.
Representative of the CSSR to the International Association for the History of Religions, 2000-1
Member of Board of Directors, Canadian Philosophical Association, 1997-99.
Secretary, Society of Christian Philosophers (Canadian section), 1992-97.
Conference Co-coordinator and Member of the Programme Committee, Society of Christian Philosophers (Canadian section), 1991-92; 1993-94.
Executive member, Société de philosophie de l'Outaouais, 1985-86.

St Francis Xavier University

At St Francis Xavier University, I have served on a number of committees, including a term as Chair of the University Faculty, Chair of the University Senate, two consecutive terms as Chair of the Arts Faculty, and as a member of several other senior committees.
   I have also served as Editor of the journals, Maritain Studies and Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions, as the principal organiser of a number of international and regional conferences, and as Editor of several edited collections of scholarly essays. These responsibilities involve organisational ability as well as diplomatic skills (dealing with publishers, managing and copy editors, arranging for publicity and advertising, and discussions with successful and unsuccessful contributors).

President (2002-04), Past-President (2004-06), and Vice-President (2001-02), St Francis Xavier University Association of University Teachers
Chair, University Faculty, 2001-02.
Chair, Faculty of Arts, 1998-99; 1999-2000.
Chair of the University Senate and of the Senate Steering Committee, 1994-95.
Vice-Chair of the University Senate and member of the Steering Committee, 1993-94.
Member of the University Senate, 1992-95.
Secretary, Faculty of Arts, 1994-95.
Member of the University Council for Research, 1995-96.
Member of the Selection Committee for the Father Edo Gatto Chair of Christian Studies, 1997-2000.
Member of the Presidential Committee for the Christian Culture Lecture Series, 1992-96; 1998-2000.
Member of the Presidential Committee for the Dr Moses M. Coady Debating Competition (1993-95; 1997-98) and Chair of the Coady Debating Competition, 1995-96; 1998-99.
Adjunct faculty member, Program in Catholic Studies, 1998-2000; 2001--
Member of Salary and Benefits Committee, St Francis Xavier Association of University Teachers, 1991- 92; 1998-2000.
Member of the Chaplaincy Advisory Committee, 1993-96.
Member of the Faculty Handbook Committee, St Francis Xavier Association of University Teachers, 1993-95.
Member of the Negotiation Committee, St Francis Xavier Association of University Teachers, 1994-95.
Member of the Senate Ad-Hoc Committee on the Christmas Examination Timetable, 1992-93.
Advisor for Graduate Programmes in Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, 1993-present.
Public Relations contact person, Department of Philosophy, 1994-96.
Faculty Advisor to the St Francis Xavier University Debating Society, 1992-96.
Organizer of Visiting Lecturer series, Department of Philosophy, 1992-93; 1994-95; 1998-99.

University of Saskatchewan, St Thomas More College

Chairperson and Member, Class Evaluation Committee, 1981-83.
Co-chairperson, Nominations Committee, St Thomas More College Faculty Association, 1981-83.
Organized St Thomas More College Annual Public Lecture, 1981-82.
Faculty Co-ordinator, The Student Philosophy Forum and St Thomas More College Philosophy Club, 1980-82.
Member, Class Evaluation Committee, 1980-81.