Philosophy 371

Social and Political Philosophy

Fall 2013 (Sept. to Dec.)

Professor: W. Sweet
Office: 707 Nicholson Hall
Telephone: 867-2341
Office Hours: Monday 9.15-11; Tuesday 14.15-15; Wednesday 9.15-11Thursday: 10.15-11;  and by arrangement.

This class is scheduled to meet in the 'EF/FE' time block (Monday 12.45-2 p.m. and Wednesday, 11.15 to 12.30 p.m.)

For a course outline (with list of textbooks and grading scheme), look here.

For (unofficial) class notes, click here. (Note: This is a Word '.doc' file)

      Major Essay - due 15 November - look here.

First (short) written assignment - due Oct 7 - look here.        

            For the MLA Style guide, look here.
            For criteria used in evaluating essays, look here (This is important!)
            For other guides on essay writing, look here (pdf) or here

For information on examinations, tests and quizes, look here.

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