Theories and practice in recent ethical and political thought


Week of Sept 4  1st class

Week of Sept 10 – review of ethical theory (egoism, Deontology, utilitarianism) & basic political philosophy

Week of Sept 17 – natural law theory  (Maritain)

Week of Sept 24 – John Rawls

<><>Week of Oct 1 – libertarianism (Tibor Machan)

Week of October 8 - Alan Gewirth

Week of Oct 15 - Richard Rorty

Week of Oct 22 – feminist ethics / H.B. Holmes

Week of Oct 29 – Idealist ethics

Week of Nov 5 - Alasdair MacIntyre and communitarianism

Week of Nov 12 – Margaret MacDonald - Are there human rights? 

Week of Nov 19 – [Wittgenstein seminar; class cancelled]

Week of Nov 26 – Right to one’s body


Second semester


Religion in Politics

Terrorism and security

Multiculturalism and pluralism

Cosmopolitanism and pluralism

Conditions for cross-cultural ethical dialogue

Civil society and the state