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La société canadienne des philosophes chrétiens et chrétiennes
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Date of founding: 1980

Purpose: The primary purpose of the Canadian SCP is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange on topics in philosophy and religion--especially where these two disciplines meet. Like the Society of Christian Philosophers in the United States, the Canadian Society is ecumenical in composition with respect to Christian denomination, theological perspective and philosophical orientation. Participation in its meetings has, however, always been open to those who do not share its Christian commitment.

There is no official affiliation between the CSCP and the Society of Christian Philosophers in the United States, and membership in the Canadian group does not bring with it the benefits of membership in the American organization (e.g., receipt of the journal, Faith and Philosophy). (For information on the Society of Christian Philosophers (US), click here).

There has, nevertheless, been a long-standing, informal relation between the Canadian and American groups: the latter provides the CSCP with publicity in their Newsletter, and many Canadian members are members of both.

Activities: There is an annual meeting, organized in association with the annual congress of the Canadian Philosophical Association (and, when possible, in conjuction with the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion, the Canadian Theological Society, and the Canadian Society for Biblical Studies) during the Learned Societies Conference. This is usually held at the beginning of June each year. Papers may be given in French and English.

Participation at the meetings of the CSCP has been open to all, regardless of their membership in either the Canadian or US organizations.

The next meeting of the CSCP will be at the University of Toronto, May 28, 2002 in conjunction with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences and the annual meeting of the Canadian Philosophical Association. Here is the programme for that meeting.

Click here for the papers / responses of the participants in the 2000 book symposium on Alvin Plantinga's Warranted Christian Belief.

Click here for the papers / responses of the participants in the 2001 book symposium on John Leslie's Modern Cosmology and Philosophy.

Click here for the CSCP Electronic Bulletin

The programme for the 2001 meeting at the Universite Laval, Quebec, appears here and here. The 2000 meeting was held at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. The programme of that meeting is available here.

Those interested in the activities of the CSCP are invited to participate--be it by attending or presenting a paper, a commentary or by serving as chair at its annual meetings, or by informing the Editor of the Newsletter of one's own or one's colleagues' research. Brief reviews or research notes for the Newsletter are always welcome.

President: Will Sweet, (St Francis Xavier University);
Past President: Hunter Brown (King's College, University of Western Ontario);
Vice-President: Robert Larmer (University of New Brunswick)
Secretary/Newsletter Editor: Jim Gerrie (University of Guelph)

Membership requirements: A desire to support the aims of the Society and the payment of annual dues ($10 per year; $15 for 2 years; $5 per year for students/un- and underemployed). To join the Society, please contact the Secretary, Jim Gerrie (University of Guelph) (Please make cheques payable to the Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers)

To date, the Society has been supported largely by individual voluntary donations and the institutional support of St Joseph's College (Edmonton), St Francis Xavier University and, particularly, King's College (London, ON).

Publications: The Canadian Society of Christian Philosophers publishes a bi-annual newsletter. It is edited by Jim Gerrie.

For further information, please contact:

William Sweet, Department of Philosophy, St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5; fax 902-867-3243; tel 902-867-2341; Internet:

Jim Gerrie, Department of Philosophy, University of Guelph, Internet:

Hunter Brown, Dept. of Philosophy and Religious Studies, King's College, University of Western Ontario, 266 Epworth Avenue, London, ON. N6A 2M3, fax: 519 433 0353; tel: 519 433 3491; Internet: