In conjunction with the Canadian Philosophical Association
and the Conference of the Social Sciences and the Humanities
to be held at
Université de Sherbrooke, Québec
 Monday, June 7, 1999                                       3806 SHERBROOKE  D7 - 351
                                                                                        note room change
9:00-10:00      Joseph Novak (University of Waterloo) "The Ontology of Healing and the Epistemology of Thanksgiving"                         Chair: W. Sweet (St. Francis Xavier University)

10:15-11:15:    Louis Groarke (Humber College)

"A New Argument From Design: Creationists, Evolutionists and the War about Incommensurability"                         Chair: P. Gooch (University of Toronto)

11:30-12:30:    Paul Gooch (University of Toronto)

"Power, Voice and Silence in the Trials of Socrates and Jesus"                         Chair: Jamie Crook (Bishop's University)

12:30-14:00:    Lunch

14:00-15:00:    Anthony Spiteri (University of Malta)

"Anamnesis and its Creative-Liberating Power:  Christianity and its Manes." Chair: W. Sweet (St. Francis Xavier University)

15:15-16:15:    Gary Dann (University of Waterloo)
                                "Plantinga and Truth: What to Make of Rorty's View"

Chair: Anthony Spiteri (University of Malta)

16:15-17:00:     Business Meeting

(Following the business meeting, we will proceed to a local restaurant, where we will continue some of the discussions of the day.)