The South Pacific Journal of Philosophy and Culture
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Volume 12 (2013-2015)

Herman Mandui and Matthew Leavesley,
Some Possible Futures for Archaeology in Papua New Guinea 9

Mervyn Duffy,
How Europe began to picture Melanesians 16

Gbenga Fasiku,
Identity Theories and the Metaphysical Problem of Phenomenal Consciousness 29

Jan Kees van Donge,
Corruption: a plea for more analysis or moving from big words to precise meanings 46

Edward Wolfers,
Acceleration, Innovation and Self-Determination in Decolonization: Taking Stock and Looking Ahead, with particular reference to the remaining non-self-governing territories in the Pacific 59

Nicolas Gamier,
Iconography of War: Interpreting images from the Bougainville Crisis 75

Felix O. Olatunji,
Towards an Authentic Development for Africa 88


Matthew Leavesley and Henry Arifeae,
Herman Mandui

Book Reviews

Greg Murphy, Tears of Joy Fears of Loss: Raun Raun Theatre and its role in the construction of a national culture in Papua New Guinea, (Port Moresby, UPNG Press, 2010)
(Sophie Naime)

Gregory T Cushman, Guano and the Opening of the Pacific World: A Global Ecological History, (Cambridge and New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013)
(Linda A Newson)

Volume 11 (2010-2012)

Stephanie Lawson,
Ethnic Identity and Regionalism in the Pacific Islands: The Case of ‘Melanesianess’”.
Ken Ngangan and Benedict Y. Imbun,
Cultural Influences on Indigenous Users’ Perception of the Importance of Disclosure Items in Financial Statements: Empirical Evidence from Papua New Guinea.
Clive Moore,
Changes in Melanesian Masculinities: An Historical Approach.
James Urwick,
“Still Grading on a Curve?” Developments in Educational Assessment and the Challenges for Third World Universities.


Bill Gammage,
Hank Nelson (1937-2012)
Donald Denoon,
Horst Ulrich Beier 1922-2011


University of Papua New Guinea and Masala Press

Book Reviews

Marshall Sahlins, Apologies to Thucydides – Understanding History as Culture and Vice Versa (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2004)
(Morgan Tuimaleali’ifano)
René Pélissier, Portugais et Espagnols en “Océanie”: deux empires, confins et contrastes (Orgeval, Editions Pélissier, 2010)
(William G. Clarence-Smith)
Steven Winduo, ed., Reframing Indigenous Knowledge: Cultural Knowledge and Practices in Papua New Guinea (Waigani, Melanesian and Pacific Studies, 2009)
(Regis Stella)
Sven Monter, Following a South Seas Dream: August Engelhardt and the Sonnenorden (Germanic Pacific Studies No 2 for German Connection with New Zealand and the Pacific, University of Auckland, 2008)
(Orovu Sepoe)

Volume 10 (2008-2009)

Forum on Gender Issues in Papua New Guinea

Anne Dickson-Waiko,

Finding Women in Colonial Papua: Gender Race, and Sex in Papua New Guinea History.
Pauline  Riman,
Indigenous Women in Papua New Guinea Literature.
Elizabeth Reid,

Reading as a Woman, Understanding Generalised HIV Epidemics.
Richard Eves,
Men, Masculinity, and Violence in Papua New Guinea: Towards Developing Culturally Appropriate Responses.
Jonathan Ritchie,
‘We Need One District Government to Replace Other District Governments’: the Beginnings of Provincial Government in Papua New Guinea.
Richard Hawkins,
Hawaiian Pineapples in the Global Market, 1946-2008.
Olga Temple,
The Rational Language Mechanism: Limitations of Arbitrariness.
Walter Dep,
Polygamy Still a Legacy of Ethic in Melanesian Culture? A Rejoinder.

Edward P. Wolfers, In Memoriam, Ron Crocombe.
Hank Nelson, Gerald Griffin, August Kituai, Vale James Thomas Griffin.

Donation of DVDs on World War II in PNG.
Producers and Collectors: Uncovering the Role of Indigenous Agency in the Formation of Museum Collections.

Book Reviews

Frederick Errington and Deborah Gewertz, Yali’s Question: sugar, culture and History, (Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2004).
(Chris Ballard)
Pierre and Anne-Marie Pétrequin, Objets de Pouvoir en Nouvelle Guinée, (Paris, Réunion des Musées Nationaux, 2006).
(Nicolas Garnier)
Mary Mennis, A Potted History of Madang: Traditional Culture and Change on the North Coast of Papua New Guinea, (Lalong Enterprises, Queensland, Australia, 2006).
(August Kituai)
David Lea, Property Rights, Indigenous People and the Developing World, Issues from Aboriginal Entitlement to Intellectual Ownership Rights, (Leiden, Martinaus Nijhuff Publishers, 2008).
(William Ferea)
Ron Crocombe, Asia in the Pacific, Replacing the West, (Suva, Institute of Pacific Studies Publication, University of the South Pacific, 2007).
(Hiromitsu Iwamoto)
Lachlan Strahan, Day of Reckoning, (Canberra, Pandanus Books, 2005).
(Max Quanchi)
Donald Denoon, A Trial Separation: Australia and the Decolonisation of Papua New Guinea, (Canberra, Pandanus Books, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University, 2005).
(Orovu Sepoe)
Jon Fraenkel and Stewart Firth (eds.), From Election to Coup in Fiji: The 2006 Campaign and its Aftermath, (Suva, IPS Publications, University of the South Pacific; Canberra, Asia Pacific Press, The Australian National University, 2007).
(Andrew Murray)

Volume 9, 2008

Forum on Development Plans and the Grass Roots

David Kavanamur,

The Development Story; bipo nau na behain?
Patrick McAllister,
‘Subsistence’ Agriculture, Social Research and Rural Development in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province
Fernanda Claudio,
The CAMPFIRE Scheme in Zimbabwe during the 1990s: Local Responses to Community Conservation
Glenn R. Summerhayes,
Lapita Colonisation of the Pacific?
Nicolas Garnier,
Maternal Generosity, the Mother/Son Relationship in Chambri (East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea)
Andrew Seefeld,
The Impact of Western Medicine on Traditional Maori Medical Practices in the Cook Islands
Adeshina Afolayan,
Beyond PostModernism: The Philosophy of Decolonisation and the Dilemma of African Scholarship


Barnabas Orere, The Call of David Hand

Book Reviews

A. Pawley, R. Attenborough, J. Golson, R. Hide, (Eds.), Papuan Pasts: Cultural, Linguistic and Biological Histories of Papuan Speaking Peoples (Canberra, Australian National University, RSPAS, Pacific Linguistics 57, 2005)
(Matthew Leavesley)
Neville Bartle, Death, Witchcraft and the Spirit World in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea: Developing a Contextual Theology in Melanesia (Goroka, Melanesian Institute for Pastoral and Socio-Economic Service Inc., 2005)
(Regis Stella)
Phyllis Herda, Michael Reilly and David Hilliard (Eds.), Vision and Reality in Pacific Religion, (Christchurch, MacMillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies, and Canberra, Pandanus, 2005)
(Andrew Murray)
Claus Gossler, Die Société Commerciale de l’Océanie: Aufstieg und Untergang der Hamburger Godeffroys in Ost-Polynesien, (Bremen, MontAurum Verlag, 2006)
(Stewart Firth)
Yukio Toyoda and Hank Nelson (Eds.), The Pacific War in Papua New Guinea: Memories and Realities (Tokyo, Rikkyu University Center for Asian Area Studies, 2006)
(Peter Dennis)
Ulli Beier, Decolonising the Mind: The Impact of the University on culture and identity in Papua New Guinea 1971-1974 (Canberra, Australian National University, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Pandanus, 2005)
(Steven Winduo)
Josephine Sirivi and Marilyn Taleo Havini (Eds.), As MOTHERS of the LAND, the birth of the Bougainvillean Women for Peace and Freedom (Canberra, Pandanus, 2004)
(Anne Dickson-Waiko)
Michael Goddard, The Unseen City: Anthropological Perspectives on Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (Canberra, Pandanus, 2005)
(Bill Sagir)
Ian Campbell, Island Kingdom: Tonga Ancient and Modern, 2nd edition (Christchurch, Canterbury University Press, 2001)
(Andrew Murray)
David Lea, Land Tenure in Papua New Guinea – What Does it Really Mean? (Port Moresby, National Research Institute, Special Publication No. 35, 2004)
(William Ferea)
Papua New Guinea 2006 Year Book (Port Moresby, The National & Cassowary Books, 2006)
(Regis Stella)
Rene Guenon, East and West, Martin Lings, Trans. (Hillsdale, New York, Sophia Perennis, 2002)
(David Lea)

Volume 8, 2004-05

Articles: Forum on Failed and Vulnerable States

Allan Patience
Failed and Vulnerable States, Towards a Political Science of South Pacific Regionalism
Joseph Abogenye Anuga
The Failed States in West Africa
Edward P. Wplfers
Viability and Contemporary Challenges of Small States (with special regard to the implications for the remaining non-self-governing territories in the Pacific)
Clive Moore
Working the Government: Australia’s South Sea Islanders, their knowledge of and interaction with government processes, 1863-1908
Jeremy Bendik-Keymer
Mining in Irian Jaya: How Citizens Should Think about Environmental Justice
William Ferea
On Violence; Its Other Dimension
Tim Curtin
Forerstry and Economic Development in Papua New Guinea

Notes and Notices
Leo Marai, South Pacific Journal of Psychology as an Impetus to the Development of the South Pacific Journal of Philosophy and Culture
Steven Edmond Winduo, Melanesia and Pacific Studies (MAPS): Mapping Research, Education, and Publication Culture at UPNG

Book Reviews

Robert Nicole, The Word, The Pen and the Pistol: Literature and Power in Tahiti (New York, State university of New York Press, 2001)
    (Sam Kaima)
David Kavanamur, Charles Yala, and Quinton Clements (eds.), Building a Nation in Papua New Guinea: Views of the Post-Independence Generation (Canberra, Pandanus Books, 2003)
    (Andrew Murray)
Alan Powell, The Third Force: ANGAU’s New Guinea War, 1942-1946 (Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 2003)
    (August Kituai)
Na Kkai Taku: Taku’s Musical Fables (Port Moresby, Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies, 2003)
    (Regis Stella)
Winston Halapua, Living on the Fringe: Melanesians in Fiji (Suva, Institute of Pacific Studies, 2001)
    (Sam Kaima)
Elin Johnston, Bishop George; Man of Two Worlds (Sydney, Elin Johnston, 2003)
    (Bishop David Hand)
Eccy de Jonge, Spinoza and Deep Ecology: Challenging Traditional Approaches to Deep Ecology (Aldershot, Ashgate, 2004)
    (David Lea)
Regis Stella, Gutsini Posa (Rough Seas) (Suva, Mana Publications, 1999)
    (Sam Kaima)

Volume 7, 2003

Henry Okole and David Kavanamur
Political Corruption in Papua New Guinea; Some Causes and Policy Lessons.  <>

Paschal Waisi
Can Traditional Religion be Compatible with Christianity? A Phenomenological Analysis of the La’um Higher Spirit against the Onslaught of Christian Fundamentalism.

Scott Stroud
Kant and Śankara on Freedom.

Anne Dickson-Waiko
Polygamy, social safety net or cultural anachronism?  A Rejoinder.

Samuel M. Makinda
The Academic Discipline of International Relations, Where is it Heading?

Book Reviews

Ron Crocombe, The South Pacific (Suva, Institute of Pacific Studies, 2001). (David Lea).

John Saltford, The United Nations and the Indonesian Takeover of West Papua, 1962-1969, The anatomy of betrayal (London & New York, RoutledgeCurzon, 2003). (Peter J. Yearwood).

Hans Fischer, Wörter und Wandel: Ethnographische Zugänge über die Sprache (Berlin, Dietrich Reimer Verlag, 2000). (William Ferea).

Clive Robert Moore, New Guinea: Crossing Boundaries and History, (Honolulu, University of Hawai’i Press, 2003). (John Waiko).

Volume 5, 2002

Roman Dubsky
The Formula for Public Sector Reforms: Public Enterprise Reform in Fiji Islands and the good Governance in Oceania.

Peter J. Yearwood
The Great War and the Triumph of King Copra, 1914-21.

Stuart Hawthorne
Implementing Records Systems in Developing Countries: Why it is Difficult.

Book Reviews

Brij V. Lal.  Fiji Before the Storm: Elections and Politics of Development (Canberra: Asia Pacifica Press, 2000) (Alphonse Gelu).

Theodore Levantis.  Papua New Guinea: employment, wages and economic development (Canberra: Asia Pacific Press, 2000).  (David Kavanamur).

Steven J. Friesen (editor), Ancestors in Post-Contact Religion: Roots, Ruptures and Modernity’s Memory (Cambridge Mass: Harvard University Press, 2001).  (David Lea).

Volume 4, 2000


William Sweet
Globalization, philosophy, and the model of ecumenism  

L. Anthony Saveri Raj
From an idea of environment to an ideal environment: some cosmotheandric implications

H. Daniel Dei
Ontological identity, capitalism, and the dialogical model of religious ecumenism: a propsective for the new century

Ron Huch
Small was not beautiful: the failure of economic planning in Papua New Guinea, 1972-1981

Don Heider
Finding the "Other" overseas: travel journalism as ritual discourse

Volume 3, 1998 - 99

John Patterson
Earning Mana in the Land 1

Thomas Tharakunnel and William Sweet
Religious Pluralism and Justice in the Indian Context: A Christian Perspective 15

Louis Groarke and Paul Groarke
Eichmann Retired: Moral Incapacity and the Defence of Insanity 42

Discussion Notes

David Lea
The Ethics of Corruption in Papua New Guinea and Elsewhere in the Developing World 71

William Ferea
The Historical Legacy of the PNG Colonial Constabulary 82

Book Reviews

C. Moore and M. Kooyman (eds)
A Papua New Guinea Critical Chronicle 1967-1991 (Orovu Sepoe) 88

Lai Ah Eng
Meanings of Multiethnicity A Case Study of Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations in Singapore
(Geoffrey Hayes)  89

Laura Zimmer-Tamakashi (ed)
Modern Papua New Guinea  (Geoffrey Hayes) 92

G. Forrester and R. J. May (eds)
The Fall of Soehario (Ray Anere) 96

Sean Dorney
The Sandline Affair: Politics and Mercenaries and the Bougainville Crisis (Timothy Curtin)  100

Volume 2 1997


Moga-Omoi's Daughters 1

Friends and Foes in Environmental Ethics: Poles Apart? 21

Ethics of User Pays for Education in Papua New Guinea 33


Common Sense Discourses, Power Relations and Papua New Guinean Traditions - page 54


JAMES TULLY, Strange Multiplicity: Constitutionalism in an Age of Diversity - page 63
        David Lea

KLAUS NEUMANN, Rabaul: Yu Swit Moa Yet  - page 68
        Ronald Huch

Volume 1 1996

Editorial - page i


Post Modern Theory: Progress or Regression in the Social Sciences - page 2
Geoffrey Hayes

Culture and Historians: The Changing Discipline Since 1970 - page 11
Ronald Huch

Reflections on the Philosophy of History: Nationalism and the Quest for Historical World Order - page 26
Graham Hassal

Culture and Community: Essay on the Relation of a Natural Dichotomy - page 38
Kerry Pataki-Schweizer

Communitarian Challenges to the Liberal State: Fiji, Quebec, and Bougainville - page 46
David Lea

Discussion Papers

Teaching Logic at U.P.N.G.: Ambiguity of "Because" in the Distinction Between Explanations and Arguments - page 59
William Ferea

Political Correctness and Popular Democracy - page 64
Alan Robson

Book Review Section

Howard Van Trease, Melanesian Politics: Stael Blong Vanuatu 91
Raymond Anere