A few photos from various trips and 'world tours'

(About every second year, I travel around the world -- usually west to east; alternate years, I usually do a north-south round trip, e.g., from Africa to Scandinavia. Inevitably, there are opportunities for photos, as well as occasions for shameless publicity.)
(I've rearranged the photos, with the most recent first. That way, as you scroll down, you will note a remarkable rejuvenation process. I have also added a few of my more - and probably the only - artistic photos.)

June 2018, Montreal "Chez Maharani," with Professor Gong Qun

May 2018, near the legislature, Regina, Saskatchewan

May 2018, Niagara Falls

May 2018; receiving University Outstanding Research award

Rome, Keynote paper, April 2018

In Winnipeg, November 2017 / Royal Society of Canada

Toronto, Regis College, August 2017

In Charlottetown (1), July 1, 2017
(But where am I?)

In Charlottetown (2), July 1, 2017

In Jerusalem, May, 2017

In Buenos Aires, near Francis' old place, March 2017

In Washington, March 2017

In Ottawa, at the Dominican University College, following a lecture on 'Forgotten Philosophies,' March 2017

In Goa, with St Francis Xavier in the background, January 2017

Kalady, Kerala, at the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit,
with the Vice Chancellor, Dean of Arts, and other University officials, January 2017

In Hull, UK, with Stamatoula - December 2016

near Vilnius Cathedral, December 2016

In Bruxelles, looking proud to be there. December 2016

Vancouver, near English Beach, May 2016

Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, March 2016

Chennai, India, February 2016

Antigonish, December 2015 - receiving University Outreach Award

In Tewkesbury, MA, December 2015

In Melbourne, with Brendan Sweetman, August 2015

At Nankai University, with Edward Wamala and Thomas Menamparampil, at the foot of Nankai's famous alumnus

Tianjin, July 2015

In Wuhan, presenting 3 of my books to the Chair of the Philosophy Department, July 2015

At John's Grill in San Francisco, with the Maltese Falcon, February 2015

East China Normal University, Shanghai, December 2014

Brock University, May 2014

Peking University, March 2014

Peking, Meridian Gate, March 2014

with French Ambassador to the Holy See, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, and Roberto Papini in Rome, March 2014

preceding the L.D. Swamikannu Pillai lectures. University of Madras, February 2014

Presidential Address, conference on Indian spirituality, University of Madras, February 2014

December 2013 - Danshui (Tamsui), Taipei, at Oxford College (founded by Rev George Leslie Mackay)

December 2013 - Danshui (Tamsui), Taipei, at  Fuyou Temple

Sacred Heart University, CT - On 'Religion, Immigration, and the Virtue of Hospitality' October 2013

Ottawa - September 2013

- September 2013 - "visited tombs" - with Gary Cesarz, Jan Olof Bengtsson, Phil Ferreira, Joe McGinn, and Ben Wempe
- not exactly shown: (T.H. Green [front, horizontal], Edward Caird [in background, under Celtic cross], and Benjamin Jowett [left front, horizontal])

London, outside Westminister Cathedral, August 2013

Ottawa - with Leslie Armour - August 2013

Athens - Kerimeikos archeological site, August 2013

Athens, World Congress of Philosophy, August 2013

Calgary June 2013

Taipei, National Museum of History, May 2013

San Marino, April 2013

Vatican City, Piazza S. Pietro, April 2013

Toronto, Book launch, December 2013

Antigonish, Book launch, November 15 (World Philosophy Day)

Ottawa - Maritain Association meeting (October 2012)

Kansas City - Rockhurst University - October 2012

Kingsmere (Quebec) at 'The Farm'

On the PEI ferry, with Dr Sreekala Nair

Chennai. giving Fr Pedro Arrupe, SJ, Endowment Lecture. August 2012

Kerala, July 2012

Chennai, July 2012, lecture at Madras Christian College

In Waterloo, with Jude Dougherty, Christina Behme, and Louis Groarke

In Lublin, with students from KUL, under a painting of Albert the Great, May 2012

The Castle, in Lublin, May 2012

In San Marino, April 2012, with Romeo Morri (Segretario di Stato per l'Istruzione e la Cultura, l'Universitŕ e Politiche Giovanili, San Marino) and Roberto Papini

In Osor, Croatia, September 2011

At Lake Vrana. Cres, Croatia (Sept 2011)

In Manila, at the University of Santo Tomas (keynote address), May 2011

Taipei at Fu Jen University, following my opening keynote address, May 2011

In Taipei, Taiwan, at the Lungshan Temple, May 2011

Following a lecture at Chung Yuan Christian University, Jhongli, Taiwan, May 2011

In Rome, during the February 2011 meeting of the International Jacques Maritain Institute

Rome, outside San Anselmo

Beijing, Tiān'ānmén
Square, January 2011

The Wall at JuYongGuan Pass, January 2011

Gateshead UK (re)visited, November 2010

With Richard Murphy in Durham (following Alan Milne lecture) November 2010


With Marianne, in Paris, July 2010

Vatican City (St Peter's) with George McLean - July 2010

In Prato, Italy, during the intriguingly-named "The Empire of Idealism" conference, July 2010 (with Bill Mander)

In Montreal, following the conference on 'Religion, Philosophy, and the Question of a Clash of Cultures' - June 2010
(with Leslie and Diana Armour)

Taipei - Ricci Conference - April 2010

Edinburgh, George Hotel (after my Political Studies Association invited lecture), March 31, 2010

Rome - Gregorian University - March 2010 (with Joao Vila-Cha)

Delhi, India (with Denys Leighton and Sudeshna) - February 2010

Chennai, India - with Philosophy faculty members of the University of Madras, February 2010

United Arab Emirates, American University of Sharjah, February 2010

Cape Coast (Elmina Castle), Ghana - February 2010

Ecce Accra - February 2010

With Helen Lauer (Ghana) and friends, Accra, Ghana - February 2010

Cape Coast, Ghana, following my keynote on Intercultural Philosophy [with the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof. D. D. Kuupole]

Accra, Ghana, February 2010, with Joe Tuffour

Johannesburg, January 2010 (just after my keynote lecture for the PSSA), with Pieter Duvenage

Moscow, November 2009, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spiridonovka St.
(with Juergen Habermas)

St Petersburg, Russia, November 2009 - at the memorial of the 'Philosophers Ship'
(with Tu Weiming)

Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, November 2009

Xi'an Jiaotong University (PRC), with Richard Feist, July 2009

Shanghai, July 2009

lecture at the Ateneo de Manila, Philippines - July 2009

Manila, University of Santo Tomas, July 2009 (with Leovino Garcia and Alfie Co)

Ateneo de Manila, July 2009 (and a few fleeting moments of fame...)

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, June 2009 - at the entrance to the Royal Academy

Lublin, Poland May 2009, while Kaminski lecturer (The lecture course was given in the classroom used by Karol Wojtyla.)

In Ischia (Italy) with Paulin Hountondji and Maja Kule - April 2009

Pompeii - April 2009

Torun, Poland, November 2008

Seoul, August 2008
holding an invisible fish

Taipei, June 2007

holding a tiger by the jaw


Soochow University, Taipei
class on Philosophy of Culture


Ottawa, May 2007
    Breakfast on the Hill seminar
    (with Senator Noel Kinsella, Speaker of the Senate of Canada and Dr Noreen Golfmann, President of CFHSS)

Malta, March 2007

    lecture at the University of Malta, Msida

    at the entrance to the old city of Mdina, Malta

    in Valetta, Malta

    Rome 2007

    at the Ancelle des Soeures de Jesus / Istituto Internazionale Jacques Maritain

Hanoi, June 2006

invited lecture at the International Congress, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences

Haein-sa Monastery, Korea, May 2006

Rome, March 2006


In Grenada, West Indies, March 2006


    At Oxford - July 2005 - Phil Ferreira, Leslie Armour, Nicholas Rescher, Betty Trott, Will Sweet, James Connelly, Tim Lord


      Nivelles, Belgium - July 2005 - at the home of Jean Ladriere and Ghislaine Florival

Collingwood Conference - July 2005 - Lake District, England. (at the site of W.G. Collingwood's excavations)
Prof. Wendy James (Professor of Social Anthropology, Oxford), Sir Roger Bannister,  Prof. Gary Browning (Oxford Brookes University), Prof David Boucher (Cardiff University), Prof William Sweet (St Francis Xavier University), Dr. Luciano Lukšić (Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Filozofski fakultet), Prof James Connelly (Southampton Institute)
      near Coniston

    At the University Museum, Helsinki, Finland, May 2005


    In Tallinn, Estonia, May 2005


       At the Palazzo Malta, within Rome, April 2005.

    At Seoul National University, April 2005


At Seoul National University, with members of FISP/World Congress Program Committee, April 2005


At National Chengchi University in Taipei, December 2004

Lokuang Chair of Philosophy and Culture at Fu Jen University in Taipei, Taiwan (with Prof Theresa Pan and Dr Cristal Huang) December 2004


  First seminar as 2004-05 Lokuang Chair of Philosophy and Culture at Fu Jen University in Taipei, Taiwan

With M.Ph. class at the Pontifical Athenaeum of Philosophy, Theology, and Canon Law (Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Dharmaram College), in Bangalore, India (August 2004)

Visiting Professor at the Pontifical Athenaeum of Philosophy, Theology, and Canon Law (Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Dharmaram College), in Bangalore, India (August 2004)

Shanghai, July 2004  - at the Shanghai University Library

  Catholic Cathedral at Shanghai, July 2004



Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2004. Note my partly successful attempt to eclipse 'The Little Mermaid' (just behind me)   


At the International Conference on Anglo-American Idealism, held in Pyrgos, Greece, August 2003.


  Istanbul, August 2003.  World Congress of Philosophy lecture on 'Philosophy, Culture, and Pluralism'  

Istanbul, August 2003.  Istanbul Kultur University, sessions on "Philosophical Challenges and Prospects of the Dialogue of Cultural Traditions"

Istanbul University, August 2003


Istanbul, August 2003 - with Mrs. Van Doan, Fr George McLean, Dr Noriko Hashimoto, Prof. William Sweet, Prof. Tomonobu Imamichi, Prof. Tran Van Doan.


At Vijnananilayam Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Eluru, India, January 2001 


Academy Day lecture, at Vijnananilayam Institute of Philosophy and Theology, Eluru, India, January 2001


At the Gateway to India, Mumbai, January 2001

Receipt of Kund Kund Bharti medal, during Indian Philosophical Congress, Delhi, January 2001

With the faculty of the Department of Philosophy, University of Pune, January 2001. 



In Tokyo, November 2000

In Rome, during metaphysics conference, September 2000


In Teheran (Iran), International Congress on Human Rights, May 2001 


In Teheran (Iran), International Congress on Human Rights, May 2001 


In Teheran (Iran), May 2001 (l to r: Steve Schneck, N.N., Viatcheslav Morozov, William Sweet, Jack Donnelly)


In Hong Hong, following meeting of Chinese and Canadian philosophers [photograph courtesy of Asia Week magazine], August 2001


Chiba, Japan - International Aesthetics Congress - August-September 2001 


In Bangalore, November 2001, during the Dharma Endowment Lectures at Dharmaram College (Pontifical Athenaeum) 


In Bangalore, November 2001, during the Dharma Endowment Lectures at Dharmaram Colege (Pontifical Athenaeum) 


At the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem -  December 2001 


At the Great Buddha of Kamakura (Kamakura Daibutsu) at the Kotokuin Temple, Japan, August 2002. With Jean Ladriere (Belgium), Manny Dy (Philippines), Will Sweet, Noriko Hashimoto (Japan), Tomonobu Imamichi (Japan), Cristal Huang (Taiwan), Leo Garcia (Philippines).

  Will Sweet, James Cook and friend (Christchurch, NZ) July 2002


Seminar at Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh, August 2002


Jabalpur, India August 2002 [news story related to a public lecture]


Jabalpur, India, August 2002


Tirupati, India - lecture at the Sri Venkataswara University, August 2002


Princeton, NJ - the former home of Jacques Maritain, October 2002

Lebanon - lecture at Notre Dame University - May 2003 (left to right: William Sweet, Fr. Richard Woods, OP, Fr. Robert Badillo)



  Rome - Conference keynote address on metaphysics - July 2, 2003



At Teotihuacan (Mexico), looking towards the pyramid of the moon, July 2000


Outside of the Ho Chi Minh museum, Hanoi, Vietnam, January 2000


At Fu Jen University, Taipei, Taiwan (January 2000)
(from left to right: Prof. Cristal Huang, Sr. Prof. Marian Kao, Prof. William Sweet, Sr. Prof. Pascal Ting, Prof. Peter Wu, Prof. Tran Van Doan)


 Ho Chi Minh City, with some Vietnamese scholars and two delegates from the Council on Research and Values in Philosophy, December 1999

San Francisco, October 1999. That's Alcatraz in the background.


At F.H. Bradley's grave, Oxford, September 1999
(from left to right: Timothy Sprigge, Leslie Armour, Betty Trott, Phil Ferreira, William Sweet, Fred Wilson, James Connelly, and Maria Dimova-Cookson)


In New Delhi, near the India Gate, August 1999


In Madras (Chennai), delivering the Nimishakkavi K. Subbaiah Naidu Endowment Lectures, August 1999


At the Port Moresby Yacht Club, Papua New Guinea (with David Lea, Dean of Humanities, UPNG), August 1999


At the 'Twelve Apostles' - Australia (August 1999)


Sea of Galilee, near Tiberias (December 2001)


Sunset at Juhu Beach, Mumbai. A family out for a stroll. (November 2001)


A photo, at dusk, of the 'Twelve Apostles.' The Twelve Apostles are limestone sculptures situated just off of  the Great Ocean Road (Victoria), a few hundred kilometers south-west of Melbourne. The wind and the water, coming up from the Antarctic, are bracing. (July 1999)


Telescope Beach, Grenada, West Indies, March 2006


Halong Bay, Vietnam, June 2006


St Petersburg, Hermitage Museum at night - November 2009