John Watson (1847-1939)

25 February 1847 - 27 January 1939

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Biographical Highlights

Books amd major publications:

The relation of philosophy to science: an inaugural lecture delivered in the Convocational hall of Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, on October 16th, 1872. Kingston,   Printed by   William Bailie,  1872. 37 p.  20 cm.

Education and life; an address delivered at the opening of the thirty-second session of Queen's University, Kingston, Canada. [Kingston,   s.n.],  [1873]. 20 p.  Published by the Alma Mater society of Queen's University.

Kant and his English critics.  A comparison of critical and empirical philosophy. Glasgow, Maclehose, 1881 / New York,   Macmillan,  1881. 402 p.  23 cm.

The philosophy of Kant in extracts. Kingston,   Bailie,  1882. 194 p.  23 cm.

The philosophy of Kant as contained in extracts from his own writings. Glasgow,   J. Maclehose & sons;   London and   New York,  Macmillan and co.,  1901. x p., 1 leaf, 356 p.  20 cm. Selected and tr. by John Watson.

Schelling's transcendental idealism.  A critical exposition. Chicago,   S.C. Griggs and company,  1882. xv, 251 p.  18 cm.

2nd ed. Chicago : S.C. Griggs, 1892. xv, 251 p. ; 18 cm.

The philosophy of John Stuart Mill as contained in extracts from his own writings / selected by John Watson. Kingston, Ont.? : s.n.], 1891 (Kingston [Ont.] : W. Bailie)

Comte, Mill, and Spencer; an outline of philosophy. Glasgow,   J. Maclehose & sons;   New York,   Macmillan & co.,  1895. 302 p.  20 cm.

An outline of philosophy. 2d ed. Glasgow,   J. Maclehose and sons;   New York,   The Macmillan company,  1898. xxii, 489 p.  20 cm.

An outline of philosophy. 3d ed. Glasgow, J. Maclehose and sons;   New York,   The Macmillan company,  1901. xxii, 489 p.  20 cm.

An outline of philosophy. 4th ed. Glasgow :  J. Maclehose,  1908. xxii, 489 p. ; 20 cm.
Hedonistic theories from Aristippus to Spencer. Glasgow,   J. Maclehose & sons [etc.]; New York, Macmillan & co.,  1895. 248 p.  20 cm.

“Absolute and the time-process.” The Philosophical Review 1895.  

Christianity and idealism.  The Christian ideal of life in its relations to the Greek and Jewish ideals and to modern philosophy. New York,   London,   Macmillan,  1897. 216 p.  [Publications of the Philosophical Union of the University of California, 002]

Philo and the New Testament; synopsis of lectures with extracts from Philo. Kingston, Ont.,   Printed by   Wm. Bailie,  1899. 27 p.  19 cm. Theological Alumni Conference of Queen's University.  The Chancellor's Lectureship: Session 1898-9.

The philosophical basis of religion; a series of lectures. Glasgow,   J. Maclehose and sons,  1907. 485 p.  22 cm.

The philosophy of Kant explained. Glasgow,   J. Maclehose and sons,  1908. 515 p.  22 cm.

“Idealism of Edward Caird : II. The Philosophical Review, Vol. 18, no.3 1909

The interpretation of religious experience. Glasgow,   J. Maclehose,  1912. 2 v.  [The Gifford lectures delivered in the University of Glasgow in the years 1910-12: pt. 1. Historical; pt. 2. Constructive]

The state in peace and war. Glasgow,   J. Maclehose and sons,  1919. xii, 296 p.  

“The later stages in Greek religion,” Queen's Quarterly.  v.35, Aug. 1927-May 1928, p. 347-357.

The university and the schools. 23 p. (p. 323-340)  25 cm.
An address read before the Queen's university council and the Kingston school board, by John Watson, and a synopsis of the discussion of this address by the members present.


Philosophical essays presented to John Watson. Kingston, Can.,   Queen's University,  [c1922]. 346 p., "Bibliography of publications by Professor John Watson": p. 343-346.  


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