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 What Students Say !

HKIN 115 (Principle of Human Movement):

"....just coming to class knowing there is a relaxed atmosphere, its just what I need."

"She clarified herself, is outgoing, makes an effort to get to know her students.  She know what she is talking about and is able answer most questions - if unsure, she make it a point to find the right answer ... and yes, she is enthusiastic!"

" have the ability to give the class a good sense of direction."

"Energetic, great public speaker.  Passionate for the course and cares for her students.  Daily Experts keep students involved and on their toes, motivation to read ahead and prepare"

"Gives us first year HK students a broad look into what we will cover in our next years in this department"


HKIN 226 (Personal Health and Wellness):

"Angie is an amazing prof who makes class exciting.  I have learned a lot in this class as Angie knows a lot but also make the material interesting"

"... this class was a breath of fresh air"

"She knows exactly how to relay info without bias!  This is a course with touchy subjects that are hard to relay to students it could not have been done better!"

"There is a lot of relevant information that university students can use and find informative.  All of the material is very interesting and fun!!"

"Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  Makes the classroom environment fun and interesting. She is friendly and helpful both in class and outside of class."


HKIN 397 (Qualitative Research Methods):

" enthusiastic ... genuinely cares about  students learning"

"gives a good introduction about how and why to do research"

"creates a very relaxed/comfortable class environment"


HKIN 425 (Child Growth and Development):

"...I love your energy, and enjoy coming to class."

"Helps if you are going to teach ... learn a lot about children and what to expect in your phys-ed class in regards to growth and changes within each child"

"Very personable, friendly with the students, knows the material well and is passionate in her teaching"

"...I like how you involve us , the students, into the topics discussed."

"This is a very good course, with a great prof, and it should be taken by anybody dealing with children and physical activity"


HKIN 426 (Health Education):

"... an amazing teacher and one of her major strengths is that she is always very enthusiastic, always there for extra help, and never makes a class boring, and is very organized"

"This course should be taken by anyone who is thinking about teaching - no matter what field.  It opens your eyes to many important issues, not known by all"

"...really enjoy your enthusiasm while teaching this class."

".She creates a very laid back and comfortable teaching environment that encourages questions to be asked"

"The service learning is such an important part of this course ..."



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