Excel Links

Microsoft® Excel Site

Support, FAQ, etc.

Microsoft Office Assistance page

Microsoft Office Development Center Excel


Commercial Sites

Frontline Systems (Solver Home Page)

Ozgrid Business Applications

Spreadsheet Assistant and more

Beyond Technology




Sites run by Excel experts

John Walkenbach & Associates  (the author of many authoritative Excel books)

Chip Pearson (wealth of info on many topics but start here foe anything to do with dates)

Tushar Mehta (charts, VBA, polynomial solver, etc....)

Jon Peltier (the charting expert)

David McRitchie (an extensive site that defies summarization!)

Debra Dalgleish (An exceptionally well organized and informative site)

John F Lacher (Useful tutorials)

Ron de Bruin (some useful Add-ins)

Ture Magnusson

Stephen Bullen (some very cleave examples)

Andy Pope (chart, VBA, etc)

Joseph Rubins (Excel Tips)

Rob Bovey's XY Chart labeler

D Kelly O'Day (time series charts)

Other Excel MVPs


University of South Dakota

University of Arizona

Georgetown University

Leeds Univ. Tutorial

Univ. of Texas Tutorial

News groups and List servers

Microsoft Newsgroups
Click on Office Solutions, then on Excel
Or use Outlook Express to subscribe to the msnews.microsoft.com server.

Excel-G List Server

Excel General Q and A


Excel-L List Server

Excel Developers Q and A

Use you e-mail software to visit the newsgroup <comp.apps.spreadsheet>


Visual Basic for Applications

Microsoft Excel 2003 VBA Reference

Microsoft’s VBA on-line book

Jose’s World of Visual Basic



10 November 2005