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Lost in the barrens:  Collecting plants on a raised bog near Scraggy Lake, Halifax County, Nova Scotia.

(Photo by Amanda Lowe)

Recent Publications

Porter, J.D. and Taylor, B. R. 2021. Abrupt population increase by the leaf-shredding caddisfly Pycnopsyche guttifer profoundly changes leaf litter decomposition in streams of eastern Canada. Fundamental and Applied Ecology 195: 153-171. [Abstract]

MacDonnell, M., Taylor, B.R. and Lauff, R.F. 2018. Chemical light sticks as bait to capture predaceous aquatic insects: effect of light colour. Proceedings of the Nova Scotia Institute of Science 49(2): 235-252.

Andrushchenko, I.V, Taylor, B.R., Toxopeus, J. and Wilson, E. 2017. Congregations of the leaf-shredding insect Lepidostoma togatum mediate exceptionally rapid mass loss from leaf litter in Nova Scotia rivers. Hydrobiologia 788: 245-265. DOI 10.1007/s10750-016-3001-6 [Abstract]

Tętu, C., Mitchell, C., MacInnis, C. and Taylor, B.R. 2015. Stream restoration to enhance Atlantic salmon habitat provides few benefits for benthic invertebrates. Proceedings of the Nova Scotia Institute of Science 48(2): 211-237.

Taylor, B.R. and Chauvet, E. 2013. Relative influence of shredders and fungi on leaf litter decomposition along a river altitudinal gradient. Hydrobiologia 721: 239-250. DOI 10.1007/s10750-013-1666-7. [Abstract]

Taylor, B.R. and Andrushchenko, I.V. 2013 Interaction of water temperature and shredders on leaf litter breakdown: A comparison of streams in Canada and Norway.  Hydrobiologia: 721: 77-88.  DOI: 10.1007/s10750-013-1650-2. [Abstract]

Taylor, B.R. and Raney, S. 2013.  Correlation between ATV tracks and density of a rare plant (Drosera filiformis) in a Nova Scotia bog.  Rhodora 115: 158-169. [Abstract]

Taylor, B.R. and Tam, J.C. 2012.  Local distribution of the rare plant Triosteum aurantiacum ssp. aurantiacum in northeastern Nova Scotia, Canada. Rhodora 114: 366-382. [Abstract]  [This paper has literally become a textbook example:  Ricklefs, R., Relyea, R. and Richter, C. 2014.  Ecology: The Economy of Nature. Figure 11.2, p. 250.]

Taylor, B.R., MacInnis, C. and Floyd, T.A. 2010. Influence of rainfall and beaver dams on upstream movement of spawning Atlantic salmon in a restored brook in Nova Scotia, Canada. Rivers Research and Applications 26: 183-193. [Abstract]

Taylor, B.R., Garbary, D.J., Miller, A. and Bärlocher, F. 2009. Metabolism and ecology of the water mould, Leptomitus lacteus (Oomycota), blooming in winter in a Nova Scotia stream. Fundamental and Applied Limnology 175: 171-180. [Abstract]

Garbary, D.J., Jamieson, M.M. and Taylor, B.R. 2009. Population ecology of the marine insect, Halocladius variabilis (Diptera: Chironomidae) in the rocky intertidal zone of Nova Scotia, Canada. Marine Ecology Progress Series 376: 193-202. [Abstract]

Floyd, T.A., MacInnis, C. and Taylor, B.R. 2009. Effects of artificial woody structures on Atlantic salmon habitat and populations in a Nova Scotia stream. River Research and Applications 25: 272-282. [Abstract]

MacInnis, C., Floyd, T.A. and Taylor, B.R. 2008. Large woody debris structures and their influence on Atlantic salmon spawning in a stream in Nova Scotia, Canada. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 28: 781-791. [Abstract]

MacDonald, E.E. and Taylor, B.R. 2008. Factors influencing litter decomposition rates in upstream and downstream reaches of river systems of eastern Canada. Fundamental and Applied Limnology 171: 71-86. [Abstract]

Taylor, B.R., Mallaley, C. and Cairns, J.F. 2007. Limited evidence that mixing leaf litter accelerates decomposition or increases diversity of decomposers in streams of eastern Canada. Hydrobiologia 592: 405-422.


Conference Presentations

Porter, J. and Taylor, B.R. 2020. Pycnopsyche guttifer (Trichoptera, Limniphilidae) dramatically accelerates leaf litter decomposition in Nova Scotia streams. Poster presented at Society for Freshwater Science “Summer of Science” virtual conference, 9-12 June 2020.

Taylor, B.R. 2015. Seriously trying to study litter decomposition in degraded streams and rivers of Nova Scotia. Dept. of Biology Seminar Series, Acadia University, Wolfville, N.S. 12 November 2015.

Suresha, H.R., Krishnappa, M., Descals, E., Raju, G.H. and Taylor, B.R. 2013. Diversity of aquatic hyphomycetes at Hanumanagundi Falls of Chikmagalur District, Karnataka, India. Poster presented at First EMBO Conference on Aquatic Microbiology, Stresa, Italy, 8-13 September 2013.

Hunter, K., MacInnis, C. and Taylor, B.R. 2012. The effects of restoration on physical habitat and community structure of a third-order Nova Scotia stream. Atlantic Reclamation Conference (ARC) 2012: 37th National Conference of the Canadian Land Reclamation Association, Sydney, Nova Scotia, 26-27 July 2012.

Andrushchenko, I. and Taylor, B.R. 2008. Effect of shredders on litter decomposition in streams and rivers of Nova Scotia, Canada, mediated by temperature: Testing an empirical model Fifth International Meeting on Plant Litter Processing in Fresh Waters (PLPF5), Coimbra, Portugal, 23-26 July 2008.

Hynes, M. and Taylor, B.R. 2008. Why do mixtures of litter decompose faster than single litter types – sometimes? Poster presented at the Fifth International Meeting on Plant Litter Processing in Fresh Waters (PLPF5), Coimbra, Portugal, 23-26 July 2008.

Sutherlands River near New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, one of my research sites