Physics 325: Optics

Fall Term 2011-12

Course Instructor: Dr. Carl Adams  Room 1006 PSC
Lab Instructor: Jim Holmes

Physics 325 deals with the study of light.  The topics covered include the nature of light, geometric optics, lenses, Fermat's principle, optical devices, polarisation, interference, diffraction, coherence, and lasers.

The experimental lab is a significant part of this course.  Lab resources can be found here.

This is the course outline.

Here is a summary of lecture topics and material by date.

Come on by and visit me!  I have time available to help you with the course.


  1. Our first lab is Monday, Sept. 12 in PS 1067.  Please bring a lab notebook.  One from a previous course is fine I have left 201 lab books outside of my office)