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Current Lab Members

Prof. Cory Bishop, PhD.

Biology Professor, St. Francis Xavier University

Research in my laboratory is concerned with the ecology, development and evolution of aquatic organisms. We apply a wide variety of techniques from molecular phylogenetics, microscopy, organismal culture, pulse amplitude modulated fluorometry and experimental methods in physiology and gene expression. Click here for more details on current research and people.


Dr. Daniel Small, PhD.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

I arrived in the Bishop Lab in March 2014 and am interested in how the algal presence within the egg capsule impacts salamander emrbyonic development, from a physiological point of view. My main interests are the role of photosynthetic oxygen in salamander thermal tolerance, and the effect of fluctuating oxygen concentrations on salamander embryonic development.

PhD - Plymouth University - The effects of elevated pCO2 and temperature on the developmental physiology of the European lobster, Homarus gammarus (L.).

B Sc. Hons. Marine Biology and Oceanography - Plymouth University - The effect of elevated sedawater pCO2 on aspects of the physiology of the Velvet Swimming crab, Necora puber (L.).

Email: dsmall@stfx.ca / Dr.D.P.Small@gmail.com

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Rowan Murphy

Bsc. Honors Student

I'm from Halifax, NS, and moved to Antigonish in 2013 to begin my BSc in Biology at St.FX. Over the summer of 2016 I joined the Bishop Lab to assist in researching the symbiotic relationship that occurs between the unicellular green alga Oophila amblystomatis and egg masses of the yellow spotted salamander Ambystoma maculatum. My honours project is to test the capacity of the alga to invade egg masses of the salamander.

Email: x2013gdc@stfx.ca

Emil Jurga

Bsc. Honors Student

Email: x2013hmp@stfx.ca

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