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Philosophy 100

Introduction to Philosophy

A blocks

Philosophy 135

Healthcare Ethics

Philosophy 251

Critical Thinking

A7/A8/A9 (2nd Term)

Philosophy 331

Introduction to Ethics

Philosophy 332

Contemporary Moral & Social Issues

Philosophy 336/Nursing 336

Ethics in Health and Medicine

Philosophy 342


Philosophy 351

Socrates and Plato


Philosophy 352


W7/W8 (2nd Term)

Philosophy 365

Modern Philosophy I

Philosophy 461

Seminar - Metaphysics I

Philosophy 462

Seminar - Metaphysics II

Classical Studies 120

Introductory Greek

Classical Studies 240

Greek Literature in Translation



Some publications on Ancient Greek Philosophy:



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“Forms and Causes in Plato’s Phaedo.” Dionysius 13 (December, 1989), pp. 3-15.

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