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The Center for Research on Culture and Human Development (CRCHD) at StFX is an interdisciplinary research institute founded in 2000 that is devoted to the promotion of research relevant to infant and child development across cultures of the world. It is recognized that human development is affected by many factors including, but not limited to, the psychological, cultural, social, political, and economic. The aim of CRCHD is to facilitate both basic and applied research within this broad spectrum of influence. Our vision is to conduct research that informs basic and applied research questions within a participatory research model. In this model, the active involvement of members of the studied culture is solicited in all phases, and there is sensitivity to the need for research to contribute to community issues. Ultimately, the goal of research facilitated by CRCHD is to better understand the role that cultural context plays in early human development so as to provide a sound factual basis for policy decisions influencing infants and children in the global context. The CRCHD cuts across disciplines to link researchers in the traditional departments of psychology and anthropology/ sociology and the programs of education, social work, nursing, nutrition, and women's studies. Through our international research partnerships, researchers from the StFX community collaborate at the CRCHD with researchers from elsewhere in Canada and from around the world.