Student Research Projects


These possible projects are intended for students interested in carrying out a research investigation during the September to April academic term. Unfortunately, I cannot offer paid summer employment as a research assistant. The projects could fulfill the requirements of a B.Sc. Honours thesis, a B.Sc. Advanced Major departmental presentation, and/or a 3-credit Directed Studies course with approval of the Department.


If you need further information about any of these projects, or have an idea for a possible project, please feel free to contact me! (


Projects (in no particular order):


1. Rotational Isomerism and Electronic Structure

Furo-, thiophenyl- and pyrolo- carbonyl acetylenes and nitriles. Investigation of the stereoelectronic factors governing stabilities of conformations of asymmetric carbonyl compounds. Analysis by vibrational spectroscopy (IR and Raman), NMR, and quantum mechanics methods


2. Rearrangements in Carbonyl, Thiocarbonyl Isocyanates and Thiocyanates

Intramolecular migrations in asymmetric carbonyl compounds. Analysis by vibrational spectroscopy (IR and Raman), some NMR, and mainly by QM methods.


3. Host-Guest Interactions in Cucurbiturils

Investigation of non-bonded interactions by Molecular Mechanics and Quantum methods. Binding/inclusion of compound/ions into CBs.


4. Molecular 3D Visualizations Via Web Pages.

Web page authoring, incorporation of molecular structures via Jmol, interaction with molecular spectra, incorporation into course material.



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