Physics 100 General Physics (for non-physicists, non-engineers)
Physics 185 Introductory Mathematical Physics
Physics 76-103 Introductory Biophysics (Univ. of Guelph)


Physics 220 Electricity, Magnetism and Optics
Physics 221 Electricity, Magnetism and Circuits
Physics 222 Circuits, Electromagnetic Theory I
Physics 235 Mathematical Physics
Lectures given on Polymers in NCS 270 Textiles


Physics 343 Quantum Mechanics I
Physics 344 Thermodynamics
Physics 320 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Physics 322 Electromagnetic Theory II
Physics 340 Classical Mechanics and Relativity
Mathematics 321 Differential Equations


Physics 443 Quantum Mechanics II
Physics 444 Statistical Mechanics
Physics 400 Quantum Mechanics
Physics 76-418 Electromagnetic Theory (Univ. of Guelph)
Physics 422 Electromagnetic Theory III
Physics 435 Topics in Biophysics
Physics 465 Solid State Physics
Physics 473 Biophysics
Physics 475 Linear Systems and Information Theory
Mathematics 480 Advanced Applied Mathematics


Physics 515 Quantum Theory I
Physics 535 Quantum Theory II
Physics 545 Mathematical Physics I
Physics 565 Many Body Theory and its Applications
Physics 575 Group Theory and its Applications
Physics 585 Mathematical Physics II

The numbering of the undergraduate courses has been changed.

I consider my research program to be an essential branch of my activity in training people to become, for example, scientific researchers, teachers and scientifically-literate citizens. In addition to the Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Fellows which I have trained, Undergraduate Students also work with me in my research program. The latter generally start as Summer Research Students and eventually do their graduation thesis on a research project. Typically, between one to five such students work with me each summer. Teaching them to do productive research is very "labour-intensive" - more so, perhaps, than in the case of Graduate Students - since Undergraduates have little experience. By the middle of the Summer, however, a clever person will have learnt enough to do productive, and in some cases original, work. The results of their work are frequently published.

In the last decade I have trained about 20 to 25 such Undergraduate, Graduate Students and Postdocs as well as Technical people who have worked for me in various capacities. The last named includes training involving computer simulation and working in the Food Research Laboratory. Some of these people have become "Resource Persons" and have been employed by other University Faculty to assist them with research.

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