This is a virtual laboratory (the lobster lab), produced at St. Francis Xavier University by Mr. Brad Smith from the X Media Forge and Dr. Edwin DeMont from the Biomechanics Laboratory. It explores how muscles often function in a system of levers, and uses simple principles from physics to show how they work (M.E. DeMont, 1996. Measuring how muscles function in levers. The American Biology Teacher, 58 (8): 490-492 November/December.)

The lobster lab has been compiled in Shockwave. At St. Francis Xavier University, the laboratory should run in all the computer laboratories. However, if you are viewing this page from outside the University, you may have to download the Shockwave plug-in. So if you don't have the plug-in, click the Get Shockwave icon at the bottom of the page.

If you already have Shockwave, then after you read the rest of this page, click on the bulging biceps!


Two things will happen:

1. Your Netscape window will minimize, and

2. The lobster lab will open its own window in the center of your screen.

When you are ready to quit the lobster lab, hold down the Ctrl key and press q.

We would certainly appreciate your comments on the laboratory, and how we could improve on it! Please email your comments to Dr. E. DeMont. If you would like to download your own version of the virtual lab, email Mr. Brad Smith. If you would like to buy real lobster claws for classroom use, email K. MacDonald.

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