Course Description:

This is a lecture, seminar, and laboratory course in which current topics in the field of behavioral neuroscience will be considered.

Prerequisites: PSYCH 230; advanced major of honours standing or permission of the chair. Lab Component. Cross-listed as BIOL 450. Six Credits. 

Presentations and Major Paper:

Students will choose a topic related to behavioral neuroscience and will be required to present interesting papers relevant to their topic, on a rotating basis. Each presentation will be about a different aspect of the main topic, which will also be the topic of the major paper that is due in April. 


During class each week half of the students will give a detailed presentation on their assigned topic.  All other students will have been given that paper to read prior to class and will be required to submit EITHER a brief response paper in which they provide feedback and/ or criticisms (where appropriate) about the paper, OR a set of questions related to the presentations that they would like to see addressed by the speakers. Different students will be assigned response papers or questions each week.

Psychology 430 Biology 450

Advanced Topics in Neuroscience

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