University Policy on Class Attendance:

University policies with respect to class attendance are described in 3.8 of the University’s Academic Calendar.   Of particular relevance is the following statement:

 “Faculty are required to report to the Dean all unexplained absences in excess of three hours over at least two classes in any term.  Students who miss more than this number of class hours in a course without reasonable cause may, after a warning letter has been sent by the dean’s office, be dismissed from the course.”


Dates of Examinations:

Dates for Christmas and Final Examinations are set by the Office of the Registrar. They may be found on the Course Timetable prepared by the Registrar.  These dates will not be changed by the Instructor.  These dates are tentative until finalized by the Office of the Registrar.  Please check the scheduled dates carefully before making travel arrangements.


Departmental Policy on Missed Tests and Examinations:

Make-up tests or examinations will not be given for missed tests or for the Christmas examination.  In cases where the test or examination was missed for medical or other legitimate reason (not travel), the final cumulative grade will be pro-rated, or an alternate assignment or examination may be made, at the instructor’s discretion. A full description of the Department of Psychology’s policy on missed tests or examinations may be found on the departmental website.


University Policy on Academic Integrity

St. Francis Xavier values academic integrity.  Therefore, all students must understand the meaning and consequences of such academic offences as plagiarism, cheating, tampering, and falsification under Section 3.9 of the Academic Calendar. The student summary of the university policy is available at the following website:  

There is also a resource webpage on plagiarism for students use.  Included is the definition of plagiarism as well as links to resources that may help you to avoid plagiarism.


Departmental Policy on Late Papers:

Students will be penalized 5% of the assignment’s worth for each calendar day that an assignment is late.  Once 10 days have passed, a mark of zero will be assigned.  Only valid excuses, such as illness or personal emergency (which must be substantiated), are grounds for an adjustment of the due date by the professor.  

University Policies

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