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Biblical Allusions in Popular Music

Collected by Ken M. Penner

About the collection

When teaching courses on biblical studies, I have often enjoyed opening a class with a popular song that draws on an expression from a biblical text. For this purpose, I have made use of Mark McEntire and Joel Emerson's Raising Cain, Fleeing Egypt, and Fighting Philistines: The Old Testament in Popular Music (Macon: Smith & Helwys, 2006) and Angela Pancella's collection of biblical reference in U2's lyrics at atu2.com. While very useful, these collections are of course limited in scope. Here I provide the means to collaboratively produce a much more comprehensive collection of biblical allusions in popular music.

Of course, there are recording labels that specifically target a Christian audience, and although many songs distributed by these labels are full of biblical allusions, my main interest here is in collecting songs with which students in a secular university may be familiar.

I use Google documents to manage the content. If you do not have a Google account, you are still able to contribute and view the content, but those who are signed in to their Google account have the advantage of being able to sort and search the database in a convenient way.

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