Research Interests

     CLIMATE CHANGE: Greenhouse gas exchange processes in aquatic and soil environments

     WATER QUALITY: Transport and fate of reactive nitrogen in agricultural watersheds

     LAND USE CHANGE: Changes in the storage and stability of carbon and nitrogen in agricultural and forest soils


Environmental Sciences Laboratory


Lab is equiped to analyze gases, soils, and water using an aray of advanced analytical instruments (Varian GC450; AAS. Shimazu TOC; Dionex LIC). The investigation of stable isotopes as tools for understanding biogeochemical processes are frequently incorporated into the research projects we undertake (Nu-Instruments, GV Instruments IRMS).

Graduate Opportunities

Interested students should contact me directly to inquire about opportunities for graduate work.  There is an active MSc program in Earth Sciences at StFX. I supervise PhD students through my role as an Adjunct at Dalhousie University.  

Student Projects

BSc - Samantha Stachiw

Project: Biochar amendment to agricultural soils

MSc - Danny Pink

Project: Greenhouse gas emissions from nitrogen loaded agricultural streams

MSc - Stephanie MacIntyre

Project: The quality and quantity of mineral soil carbon loss following clearcut harvesting

MSc - Amanda Vosman

Project: Examining reactive nitrogen loss from agricultural fields under variable drainage conditions [Co-supervised with Dr. E. Smith, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada]

PhD - Carrie-Ellen Gabriel

Project: How disturbance alters the stability of mineral soil carbon