Call for Participations

The 3rd International Workshop on High Performance Scientific and Engineering Computing with Applications 

Monday, September 3, 2001,  Valencia, Spain


Session 1: Keynote Speech
Session Chair: Laurence Tianruo Yang, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

Designing Parallel Sparse Matrix Algorithms Beyond Data Dependence Analysis
H.X. Lin

10.00-10.30AM  BREAK

Session 2a: Compiler Techniques for SE Applications
Session Chair: Yi Pan,  Georgia State University, USA

Run-time Characterization of Irregular Accesses Applied to
Parallelization of Irregular Reductions
D. Singh, M. J. Martin and F. F. Rivera

Extracting SIMD Parallelism from 'for' Loops
V. Gustin and P.  Bulic

Session 2b: CFD Applications
Session Chair: Laurence Tianruo Yang, St. Francis Xavier University,Canada

Solution of Computational Fluid Dynamics on Parallel Computers
with Distributed Memory
B. N. Chetverushkin, N. G. Churbanova and M. A. Trapeznikova

Parallel Processing of Flue Gas/Fly Ash Interactions in a Power Utility Boiler
A. Eghlimi and V. Sahajwalla

Session 3a: Image Applications
Session Chair: H. Martin Bucker, Aachen University of Technology, Germany

A Data and Task Parallel Image Processing Environment for
Distributed Memory Systems
C. Nicolescu and P. Jonker

Parallel Algorithms for The Wavelet Transform on Distributed
Memory Multicomputers
P. Gonzalez, J.C. Cabaleiro and T. F. Pena

Performance Comparison of Parallel Finite Element and Monte Carlo
Methods in Optical Tomography
S. Hendrata and M. A. Franklin

Parallel Ray-Tracing Algorithm on a Supercomputer Based on Processor Farm Model
H. J. Lee and B. H. Lim

Session 3b: Domain Decomposition and Nonlinear Equations
Session Chair: Hai-xiang Lin, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Parallel Domain Decomposition Methods for Dam Problem
E. Laitinen, A. Lapin, and J. Pieska

Parallel Complete Remeshing for Adaptive Schemes
J. J. Pombo and J. C. Cabaleiro and T. F. Pena

An Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Solving Unsteady Nonlinear Equations
W. Rivera, J. Zhu and D. H. Huddleston

The STEM-II Air Quality Model on a Distributed Memory System
J. C. Mourino, D. E. Singh, M. J. Martin, F. F. Rivera, R. Doalla,
and J. D. Bruguera

12.30-1.30PM     LUNCH

Session 4a: Circuits, Systems and Security Applications
Session Chair: Patricia Gonzalez, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Partial Parallel Stabilization of Large-Scale Discrete-Time Linear Control Systems
P. Benner, M. Castillo and E. S. Quintana-Orti

Modular Construction of Model Partitioning Process for Parallel Logic Simulation
K. Hering, G. Runger and S. Thrautmann

Parallel Improved Lanzos Method in Finite Fields for Integer
Factorization of Public Key Cryptosystems
L. T. Yang and R. P. Brent

Session 4b: Task Scheduling and Load Balance
Session Chair: Hyo Jong Lee, Chonbuk National University, Korea

Feedback Guided Dynamic Loop Scheduling for scientific and
Engineering Applications
T. Tabirca, L. Freeman, S. Tabirca and L. T. Yang

Computing Period Minimization for Function-Block Simulation in
Parallel Processing Systems
H.-J.  Park and B. K. Kim

Task Assignment Heuristics for Distributed  Computational Fluid
Dynamics Applications
N. Lopez-Benitez, M. J. Djomehri, and R. Biswas

Load Imbalance Aspects in Atmosphere Simulations
C. Koziar, R. Rejlein and G. Runger

3.00-3.30PM    BREAK

Session 5a: Numerical Methods
Session Chair: Noe Lopez-Benitz, Texas Tech University, USA

A 1-Norm Quasi-Minimal Residual Variant of the Bi-CGSTAB
Algorithm  for Nonsymmetric linear Systems
H. Martin Bucker

A Parallel Iterative Solver Based on the Schur Complement System
G. Larrazabal and J. M. Cela

Displacement Decomposition and Parallelization of the PCG Method
for Elasticity Problems
R. Blaheta, O. Jakl and J. Stary

The Parallel ICGS Method for Large and Sparse Unsymmetric Linear Systems
on Distributed Memory Architectures
L. T. Yang and R. P. Brent

Session 5b: Algorithms and Optimizations
Session Chair: Yi Pan,  Georgia State University, USA

Parallel Text Searching Application on a Heterogeneous Cluster
P. D. Michailidis and K. G. Margaritis

Low Cost Parallel Solutions for the VRPTW  Optimization Problem
by O. Arbelaitz, C.  Rodriguez, I. Zamakola

Parallel Neville Elimination: A Simple Cost-Optimal Algorithm
P. Alonso, R. Cortina, I.Diaz, V. Hernandez, J. Ranilla