Teaching at StFX

I enjoy teaching: adult education courses, weaving guild workshops, and university students. A unique experience was to teach a group of Inuit women in Pangnirtung, Nunavut.

As an artist/instructor I can actively teach students in the classroom studio, but my tapestries can also take on an educational role while on display in an exhibition. This website with its images and text is another teaching opportunity, as are lectures and conference papers.

In the classroom I teach weaving skills, of course, but it is important that students situate their contemporary learning within a continuum of the history of tapestry and its many expressions in different cultures.

I strongly believe that art does not exist within the walls of a classroom studio. Art can only exist in public spaces where it may communicate to its audience; within this silent communication it may teach.

You may also follow the “community” menu item at the left and explore ways I have encouraged my students to understand this concept: that art communicates and in so doing it can create community.

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Learn how a tapestry is created - from concept to cloth.

Student Tapestries