I believe that art "happens" outside the artist's studio. The primary role of art is to communicate; to begin a conversation between the artwork and its audience. I can weave a tapestry in my studio but it is not truly fulfilling its role as communicator until it moves in the community.

I have taken this basic concept and explored it in two forms. One of these is to work with my university students and the L'Arche Antigonish community to create group artworks. I have done this 3 times (so far!) and these group projects have proven that art and creative practice are viable means to create community. The other form was for me to collaborate with artists from the L'Arche community to design a tapestry that I wove in public. This public space became a unique opportunity to educate the public about the role of art and to highlight the creative work of the L'Arche artists.

Art has the role to communicate and the power to create community.

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