Math 366       Real Analysis I


Winter 2017


Instructor:     Dr. Ping Zhou

Office:            AX  10C

Phone:            902-867-2498


Lecture hours:

                        Tuesday           11:15 am  -    12:05 pm

                        Wednesday       1:15 pm  -     2:05 pm

Friday              12:15 pm  -     1:05 pm

Office hours:

                        Monday            10:15 am   -    12:05 pm

                        Tuesday              9:15 am   -    11:05 am

                        Thursday            8:15 am   -    10:05 am

                        Or by appointment. 

Textbook (required):  

                        Introduction to Real Analysis, 3rd ed., by W. F. Trench. Pearson Education,

                        2003. Free online version at

Grading Scheme:

                        Assignments:               25%

                        Midterm Exam:           30%

                        Final Exam:                 45%

Assignment:   There is an assignment due each week on Wednesday before the class begins.

No late assignments are accepted. The lowest score (only one if more than one score are the lowest) for each student will be dropped when calculating the final grade. Solutions for each assignment will be posted online at the website To login and check the solutions, you need to type webfx\ before your username, e.g. webfx\x2008abc (if your email account at StFX is, as your login user name. Your own password used for your email account is your password.   

Exams:           The  Midterm Exam will cover the first two Chapters. The final exam will cover all chapters 1 C 4.

The schedule for the final exam will be posted later.



Course Outline:


Chapter 1  The Real Numbers

1.1   The Real Number System

1.2   Mathematical Induction

1.3   The Real Line


Chapter 2  Differential Calculus of Functions of One Variable

2.1   Functions and Limits

2.2   Continuity

2.3   Differentiable Functions of One Variable

2.4   Taylors Theorem


Chapter 3  Integral Calculus of Functions of One Variable

3.1    Definition of the Integral

3.2    Existence of the Integral

3.3    Properties of the Integral


Chapter 4  Infinite Sequences and Series

4.1 Sequences of Real Numbers

4.2 Earlier Topics Revisited With Sequences

4.3 Infinite Series of Constants

4.4 Sequences and Series of Functions



Course Description (St Francis Xavier University Academic Calendar):


Math 366   Real Analysis I

This course considers rigorous development of the real number system; numerical sequences and series; properties of continuous functions; metric spaces; sequences and series of functions. Prerequisites: Math 254, 267 and 277. Three credits.


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