Doing Feminist Theory Through Digital Video


“Doing Feminist Theory Through Digital Video” is a research project, an assignment design project, and an online video library motivated by the need to connect theory to practice in everyday life.  These three threads are woven together here at 

The team for this project includes Dr. Rachel Hurst, associate professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at St. Francis Xavier University; Rory Begin, research assistant and Math graduate (BSc) from St. Francis Xavier University; and Holly Chute, research assistant and Women’s and Gender Studies graduate (BA) from St. Francis Xavier University.  You can contact the team by sending an email to rahurst [at]

The research component of the project explores how arts-based learning approaches can be productively linked to service learning in the feminist theory classroom.  “Doing Feminist Theory Through Digital Video” is inspired by the literatures on digital storytelling, participatory video, and creative feminist pedagogies.  These literatures were used to develop the assignment itself, and then to help reflect upon the assignment through interview conversations with students who completed the assignment.  You can find information about the research outcomes of the project by clicking on the “RESEARCH” link, and access a reading list related to the project.

Students of feminist theory (WMGS 303) created a short, non-documentary digital video (3-5 minutes) on a concept relevant to the study of feminist theory, such as decolonization or sexual violence.  Students’ understandings of their concepts were developed through reading course materials, in addition to providing service to a community organization.  After creating their videos, students wrote a reflection piece in which they analysed their video by connecting it to their learning in the course as a whole. A copy of the assignment can be located in the “RESEARCH” section. You can learn about the community organizations involved with “Doing Feminist Theory Through Digital Video” by clicking on the “PARTNERS” link. 

All of the community organizations are involved in some type of educational or facilitation activity, and a service outcome of “Doing Feminist Theory Through Digital Video” is the creation of an online digital video library that can be used in these activities.  The online library is organized by keywords.  You can find the videos by clicking on the “VIDEOS” link.

The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and the Service Learning Program at St. Francis Xavier University generously funded the “Doing Feminist Theory Through Digital Video” project.