The Volunteers!
And a few others who also helped...

Firstly, a big, hearty thank you! to all the people who have helped out over the years. I wish I could have paid all of you, but instead, I hope I've been able to give you a really neat experience. Again, thanks.

This list is alphabetically arranged. If you're name isn't on this list, please send me a gentle reminder!

Matt Arsenault
Stephanie Bradish

Steven Bushell
Calvin Brennan
Derek Bridgehouse
Ian Bryson

Beth Cameron
Marchelle Coulombe

Ivan Cozzi
Leonel Chiasson
Keir Daborn
Mike Dzelme
Bradley Elliott
Nicholas Elliott

May Goring
Tim Hemmerick

Keith Jensen
Tom Kavanaugh
Sheldon Lambert

Bevan Locke

Amanda Lowe

Erin Lynch
Jody MacEachern
Don MacLaughlin
Ken McKenna
Fritz McEvoy
Kevin Middel
Anne Mills
Eric Mills
Tony Miller
Sean Mitchell

Erich Muntz
Sara Page
Martha Palmer

Christina Phillips
Terry Power

Mark Pulsifer
Derek Quann
Erin Rankin

David Rasmussen
Monica Schuegraf
Bruce Stevens

Barry Taylor

Euan Thomson













If my research interests you, email me and let me know. Perhaps we can get our schedules to coincide and you can join me on a trip.

So, who can come?

You must be healthy. You don't have to be an athlete, but you must have the endurance for the hiking, with a loaded backpack. Don't try to deceive me...I've been stuck in the backcountry with someone who just shouldn't have been there...the whole group suffers. Canoeing experience is an asset. Backpacking (not car camping) experience is useful, for backpacking trips. Understanding how to read a map and use a compass is essential. Knowing first aid is important. Being a team player is shouldn't have to wait for instructions...if you don't know what to do, I expect you to ask. Everyone will participate in cooking and doing dishes, even me.

Tree climbing will be necessary, not all the trees are easy to climb. We use a ladder to get up some of them. I will not force anyone to climb a tree.

You must have a passion for life, not just your own, but that of the chickadee, the horse fly and the balsam fir.

Useful characteristics of a volunteer include: knowledge of map/compass, GPS, first aid, backpacking, camp craft. You must be able to work with a team effectively - this means cooperation, helpfulness and selflessness are assets; you must be willing to follow reasonable instructions. Sound ok? Email me!

What to Bring?

Compass, knife, matches, food, spare clothing, sleeping bag and pad, water, whistle, #2 (Red) Robertson screwdriver, hiking boots, rubber boots, rain gear, a positive attitude

Optional: camera, binos, gps, topo map of the area (I have copies), FRS radio


A note about my role and your role.

My research trips are not recreational trips (though we always manage to enjoy ourselves). I am the leader and have the final say on these trips. I am not a dictator, I often lead by consensus, but my research, and the welfare of the birds is at stake. If you decide to volunteer for a trip, it is with the understanding that you will be working on this project, and the project is led by me. If you want to email some of my previous volunteers about my research trips and how I treat my volunteers, click on their names in the list above. As a leader I understand that people volunteer with me for a variety of reasons. I hope that I can help you fulfill your goals, and I will not be insisting that anyone to do a job that they find risky or uncomfortable. I want you to have a good time and take with you a great experience.

Note about my DATA: My Data is not for public dissemination by anyone but me. That is, if we find a nesting Solitary Sandpiper, you can tell whomever you want (sandpipers are not a part of my research). If we find a Boreal Owl (individual or a nest), that is my data and I reserve the exclusive right to disseminate that information to whomever I want, and when I want. It is also forbidden for volunteers to reveal the locations of any of my nest boxes to anyone, whether the boxes are used or not.

If you do not agree with this, please do not ask to join me on any of my trips.

Email me via the link below if you have any questions.

R.F. Lauff

Department of Biology
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, NS Canada
B2G 2W5