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Canadian Aboriginal Links

Aboriginal Art Gallery in Canada, Sidney Kirkness and Fred Pashe.
Aboriginal Links from Oscar Blackman School, from Manitoba
Aboriginal Multi Media Society, excellent Canadian aboriginal links.
Aboriginal Peoples of Canada, from Native Web, excellent Canadian resources.
Aboriginal Policing Directorate, Solicitor General, Canada
Aboriginal Single Window Initiative
Aboriginal Super Information Hwy., from Manitoba, the Canadian Aboriginal WWW Home Page.
Aboriginal Web Links, great selection of links, by Denise Osted, Manitoba
Aboriginal Youth Net, Canadian.
ARCNET, Aboriginal Resource Centre, Aboriginal-Canadian business and organization resources.
Assembly of First Nations
Bill's Aboriginal Links, Canada, one of the best aboriginal links on the web.
Canadian Aboriginal Law, by Deborah McIntosh, excellent legal and treaty references.
Canada's First Nations, great page with many useful links.
Canadian Indian Language Database, from Imperial College, London.
Canada's First Nations and Aboriginal People's Home Page, from Schoolnet.
Canadian Native Publications, INAC
First Nations Network, a major reference page.
First Nations, Schoolnet
First Perspective On-LineNewspaper, from Manitoba published monthly.
Indian and Northern Affairs, Canada
Innu Nation, Sheshatshu, Labrador.
Le Sentier @autochtone, The @boriginal Trail
Lone Wolf Multimedia Inc., aboriginal multimedia resources.
Maps of Canadian Indian Bands by Region
More Than Just Land, treaty negotiations in BC.
Native Investment & Trade Assoc., many useful links.
Native Links, great page from The Johnco Group.
Native Religions in Newfoundland, from MUN.
Native Soldiers, Foreign Battle Fields
Nisga'a Nation, from BC.
Northern Learning Network, extensive northern links from the Dept. of Education, NWT
Other Aboriginal Sites, from INAC.
Peguis Central School, a locally controlled native school form Manitoba.
Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples
School of Native Studies, U Alberta
The Canadian Indian
Treaty 7 Home Page, from Calgary, Alberta, a new page with great potential.
U'Mista Cultural Centre, Alert Bay, BC.
Vision Quest Talismans, interesting jewelry.
Waseskun House, first Nations healing and development centre.
West Coast Art, nice native jewelry from BC.

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Micmac/Mi'kMaq Links

First Nations Index for Atlantic Canada
History of the Mi'kMaq People, Mike Sack.
Indian Brook First Nation & Other Mi'kmaq Sites, Mike Sack.
Les Micmacs, Roy-Babin MM, Shediac, NB.
The Life and Death of Anna Mae Aquash, a review of the book.
Map of Atlantic Indian Bands
Medooknak The Stormmaker, National Film Board of Canada
Miawpukek, MI'KMAQ of TAQAMKUK.
MicMac, A Sociocultural Grammar, by Danielle Cyr, Dept. of French Studies, YorkU.
MicMac Association of Cultural Studies, from Sydney, N. S.
MicMac and Maliseet Artists, National Film Board of Canada.
Micmac Cinderella, by Paula Giese.
MicMac Creation Story
MicMac/Mi'kmaq Ethnic Papers, UCCB
MicMac Heritage Gallery Catalogue
MicMac Historical Curtural Arts Society
MicMac History, excellent page!
MicMac Literature, 3 stories from Indigenous People's Literature by Glenn Welker.
Micmac-Maliseet Institute, from UNB.
Micmac Population circa 1823, National Atlas Information Service.
MicMac, Religious Traditions from Newfoundland, by Hans Rollman, MUN.
MicMac Tribes, from Roy-Babin MM, Shediac, NB.
Mi'kma'ki Aboriginal Fisheries Services, NS Environmental & Development Coalation.
Mi'kma'ki Map, Atlantic Provinces, Barcelona Map Exhibit.
Mi'kMaq Family
Mi'kmaq Language in Motion
Mi'kmaq Page, one of the best Mi'kmaq pages in Atlantic Canada.
Mi'kmaq People of Atlantic Canada
Mi'kmaq (Micmac) Medicines, Foods and Teas, Native Tech
Mi'kmaq Nation Regional Report, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia regional report.
Mi'kmaq Reserves in Nova Scotia, Michael Sack
Mi'kmaq Stories and Legends
Mi'kmaq Student Services, UCCB
Mi'kmaq vs European Cinderella
Native Studies Program, St. Thomas U.
Nine Micmac Legends, by Aldon Nolan.
Red Crane Enterprises, beautiful paintings and prints from Alan Syliboy.
The Changing of Mikcheech
The Micmac 1500s-, from the Multimedia History of Canada on CD-ROM.
The Native Peoples, The History of the Miramichi

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US Aboriginal Links

Aboriginal Art, from Native Web, recommended.
Alaska Natives Online
All Native Books, great collection of books.
American Communication Association, excellent native references.
Authentic Native Americans
Citizen Band Pottawatomi Tribe Home Page
First Nations Site Index, extensite listing of sites.
Folk Art and Craft Exchange
Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
Index of Native American Resources
Indigenous People's Literature, a MUST VISIT by Glenn Welker.
Lakota Home Page
Links for First Nations, an excellent source for resources.
Links To Aboriginal Resources, by Bill Henderson, FANTASTIC PAGE! One of the Best on the web!.
Links to Aboriginal Websites, Schoolnet, nice list of links.
Native American Art Resources
Native American Culture Home Page
Native American, Einet
Native American Resources, another MUST VISIT, great links by Paula Giese.
Native American Indians, Yahoo, good references.
Native American Net Server
Native American Resources, American Communication Association.
Native American Sites, A MUST VISIT, a great list of sites.
Native American Topics
Native Business Network
Native Literature, Native Web Recommended
NativeWeb HP, highly recommended, one of the most extensive listings of native references.
Native WWW, Gopher, and FTP Sites
Native Tech, Native American Technology and Art, great site recommended.
North American Native Pages, see Canada
Oneida Indian Nation of NY
OTA's Native American Resource Page
Other Native American Resources
Other USA Aboriginal Sites, Schoolnet, excellent listings.
Planet Peace, extensive references.
Powersource Native American Art & Education Center
The Center for World Indigenous Studies
The Fourth World Documentation Project
United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians
WWW Resources for Indian Teachers and Students, by Paula Giese, A MUST VISIT!, a good place to start.

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