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Interested in Research?

Not sure what research is all about? Check out the Research Q & A

Working in the Wyeth Lab

Students can be a part of the lab in several ways :

  • volunteers - for those curious about a first try at research
  • independent projects - for those with a specific topic in mind
    (Directed Studies course credit may be possible)
  • honours and masters degrees - for those who want to step right into research

There are many potential student projects:

  • field behaviour of marine invertebrates (either intertidally or underwater with SCUBA)
  • laboratory experiments on invertebrate behaviours
  • computer-based video analysis of behaviours
  • neurobiology of slugs and snails
  • confocal microscopy exploring nervous system anatomy
  • mathematical modeling of behaviour
  • etc.
  • collaboration with other researchers working with vertebrates or humans is also a possibility

Check out the research projects page for some ideas. Got your own ideas?
In either case, its worth a conversation.

Biology Honours and Masters Programs

Students interested in biological research (whether they are considering graduate school, a career in industry, government science, medical school, etc.) are encouraged to consider an Honours degree and/or a Masters degree in Biology at StFX.

Also see: advice on getting into graduate school and information on grad studies in Biology at StFX