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Susan Vincent



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Courses Fall 2018:
ANTH 303: Anthropological Theory
ANTH 320/DEVS 321: People and Development
ANTH/WMGS 425 Power and Change

Courses Winter 2019:

ANTH 112: Introduction to Socio-cultural Anthropology
ANTH 233: Ethnographic Studies



I am an anthropologist with research interests in political and economic anthropology, livelihood strategy, gender, anthropology of development, peasant society, Andean culture and local food production in Antigonish County. Since 1984 I have conducted fieldwork in the community I call Allpachico in the Peruvian central highlands. Students have accompanied me on courses and as research assistants. Over the past 15 years I have been engaged in research on the political effects of development practice in Allpachico. I returned to Peru in 2011 to study the the diversity of forms of local organization in Allpachico over time, focussing on the current political decentralization/restructuring process. Most recently I have begun researching how pensions of retired workers help to support their families and the community, along with various recently instituted state social spending. Over the period of 2017-2021 I will conduct a SSHRC-funded research project on how the people of Allpachico, along with four other Peruvian communities, achieve livelihood in a context of low employment, poor prospects for agriculture, and increasing state social spending. The project includes positions for student researchers. To apply for a position for 2018, please fill out the form by February 16, 2018.


I have also written about Tupperware as a gendered income earning opportunity as well as about education equity.

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