Philosophy of Religion

(The Proceedings of the XXI World Congress of Philosophy, Volume 8)


William Sweet, St Francis Xavier University, Canada


This volume contains a selection of papers on the philosophy of religion that were delivered at the twenty-first World Congress of Philosophy held in Istanbul in August 2003. A general introduction by the Editor is followed by papers by scholars from North America, Europe, and Asia, focussing on the themes of "The Nature of Religion and Religious Belief," "The Nature of Deity," "The Problem of Evil and the Miraculous, " and "The Challenge of Science."
Abstracts and a name index are also  provided.


Introduction: Doing Philosophy of Religion Today – William Sweet


The Nature of Religion and Religious Belief

1.   “Religion's Staying Power: The Narrative Imperative,” Milenko Budimir

2.   “The Enigma of Belief & Integrity in the Philosophy of Religion,” Leroy Meyer

3.   “A Pragmatic Defense of Religious Exclusivism,” Girard Brenneman

4.   “Comparative Religion and Religious Harmony,” Dhanpat Raj Bhandari  

5.   “The Challenge of  William James’s Philosophy of Religion,” Celal Türer

6.   “Cultural Pluralism and Specific of Religious Language,” Dagmar Demjančuková

7.   “Existence et valeurs dans le monde contemporain, L'homme au croisement de deux paradigmes mentaux,” Emilia Velikova

8.   “Religiöser Glaube und Gotterserkenntniss,” Christophe Berchem


The Nature of Deity

9.   “Numenius and Greek Sources of the Central Christian Theological Doctrine,” Marian Hillar

10. “Process Philosophy: A Bridge Between Islam and the West?,” Lawrence W. Hessel

11. “God's Justified Knowledge and the Hard-Soft Fact Distinction,” John R.  Shook

12. “On Which ‘God’ Should Be the Target of a ‘Proof of God’s Existence,” David Twetten

13. “Dionisio pseudo-areopagita y Heidegger: consideraciones sobre el último Dios,” Cicero Cunha

14. “Lyotard über die "invocatio Dei“ in den Confessiones des Augustinus,” Ludwig Nagl


The Problem of Evil and the Miraculous

15. “Suffering, Meaning, and Pragmatism: What do Theodicies Do?,” Robert Mesle

16. “Evil, Probation and the "Sunday Truth" of Theism,” David E. White

17. “Plantinga and the Problem of Evil,” Heimir Geirsson & Michael Losonsky   

18. “Kierkegaard's Tangential Interest in Miracles,” Jyrki Kivelä


The Challenge of Science

19. “Science and Religion:  Some Shared Presuppositions,” Thomas Platt 

20. “Experience, Experimentalism, and Religious Overbelief: James and Dewey,” Sandra B. Rosenthal


he Proceedings of the Twenty-first World Congress of Philosophy are available through the Türkiye Felsefe Kurumu / Philosophical Society of Turkey, Ankara.