Call for Papers


The Canadian Jacques Maritain Association is pleased to announce the following Conference:


Sustaining Ethical Leadership : An Interdisciplinary Conversation


To be held under the auspices of the 2009 Congress for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Ottawa (May 26-27, 2009)


According to Kilburg1 (2007), leadership wisdom is an emergent feature of a complex set of structures, processes and social, economic, political and psychological contents that every leader is faced with.

Leaders are expected to demonstrate wisdom; they believe they should be wise and they need to connect and make use of their wisdom to rapidly set new directions and resolved crisis, while maintaining their credibility and inspiring others. It is not sufficient for leaders to rely on their knowledge alone as new, unexpected and challenging situations emerge regularly. Cognitive development of leaders is not enough for them to be wise.

How can leadership wisdom be cultivated, supported and sustained in a world of rapid commercial growth, increase in political tensions and conflict among countries, environmental disasters, aggressive competitiveness for resources and increasing militant human behavior?


The following themes are suggested (but not mandatory) :

? Ethical reasoning & leadership

? Teaching ethics

? Ethics and politics

? Virtue ethics theories

? Military and peacekeeping ethics

? Learning of ethics

? New emerging leadership paradigms: research and practices ? New directions for leadership transformation


Proposals by undergraduate students are welcome!

Submissions by graduate students are encouraged!


Please send an abstract, maximum length of 250 words, not later than October 10,

2008 to:


Dr. Chantal Beauvais, Associate Professor,

Faculty of Philosophy St. Paul University

223 Main Street, Ottawa, Ontario,

K1S 1C4 Telephone: 236-1393, ext. 3020


1 Cf. Heard, M. Elaine (2007) 'Reflections on Leadership: Conversations with Warren Bennis and Richard Kilburg', The Psychologist-Manager Journal,10:2,157 - 170.