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Religion in Public Life / Religion dans la vie publique

Symposium / Colloque  

a symposium sponsored by Canadian Jacques Maritain Association 
un colloque international co-parainé par l'association canadienne Jacques Maritain
in association with the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities  
en collaboration avec le Congrès des sciences sociales et humaines

 May 29 - 30 // 2011 // 29 - 30 mai
University of New Brunswick & St Thomas University 
Sir James Dunn Hall 108

Fredericton, NB, Canada

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Sunday / dimanche, 29 mai/May 29 – Session I

Président et rapporteur / Chair - Commentator: Amy Gordon ( Dominican University College)

9h William Sweet (St Francis Xavier University) -- Models of Religious Freedom in Democratic States.

10h Leonard Ferry (University of Toronto) – Natural Law, Eudaimonism, and Human Rights.

11h Dave Savard (Université Laval) –  Thomas De Koninck : Laïcité de l’État.

Sunday / dimanche, 29 mai/May 29 – Session II

Chair - Commentator / Président et rapporteur: : William Sweet (St Francis Xavier)

14h Keynote Speaker / Discours programme :  The Honourable Speaker Noël A. Kinsella, Speaker of the Senate – Public Service in His Footsteps:  Some Philosophical Dimensions on Faith and Public Service.

15h Gregory Coulter (University of St. Thomas, Minnesota) – Maritain on Tolerance and Religion:  Must society Permit the Practice of Religion?  Must Religion Tolerate Actions of a Society?

16h Amy Gordon (Dominican University College) – Constructing Contempt: Religion, Law, and Subordination

17h - 19h  President's Reception 

Monday / lundi, 30 mai / May 30 – Session III

Chair - Commentator / Président et rapporteur: Mark Nyvlt (Dominican University College)

9h Louis Perron (Université Saint-Paul) – Laïcité et Religion.

10h Joseph Yawney (Dominican University College) – The Difficulty of Saying ‘Secular’

11h Leo Van Arragon (University of Ottawa) – Education Funding, Faith Based Schools and the boundaries of Religious Freedom in Ontario

Monday / lundi, 30 mai / May 30 – Session IV

Président et rapporteur / Chair - Commentator: Joseph Yawney (Dominican University College)

14h Leslie Armour (Dominican University College) -- Three 17th Century Roots of the Idea of Tolerance

15h Elizabeth Trott (Ryerson University): Free Speech and Political Correctness: Tension in the Public Place

16h Brandon Morgan-Olsen (Queen’s University, Kingston) – Habermas, Rawls, and the “Translation” of Religious Claims

Conference Dinner following the Conference


Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez communiquer à
For more information, please contact:

Dr Mark Nyvlt
Faculty of Philosophy, Dominican University College
96 Empress Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1R 7G2
(613) 233-5696