Demain ne sera pas comme hier. Il sera nouveau et il dépendra de nous. Il est moins à découvrir qu'à inventer. Tomorrow will not be like yesterday. It will be something new and will depend on us. It is not so much a question of discovering it as inventing it.

- Gaston Berger


Evelise Bourlon - About me

Evelise Bourlon is working with FluxLab (StFX) students and technicians on large-scale emissions measurement problems in the energy sector.

Previously, she joined the CREATE Training program in climate Science at Saint Francis Xavier University (StFX) as program coordinator from October 2010 to the end of the program in March 2016. The program was aimed to develop professional, communication and collaboration skills and provide additional experience to the university training environment to prepare graduate students for the job market. This position brought her a wide knowledge and understanding of university policies and procedures, how to develop effective stakeholder partnerships and how to best develop CREATE program participants as highly qualified and innovative persons for the high-tech scientific labour market.

She worked as GIS environmental specialist at SeisMap Consulting Inc. and as a freelance GIS consultant in social mapping. From 2004 to 2009, she was associate professor at StFX, adjunct professor at Université du Québec a Montréal (UQAM), and researcher at Environmental Sciences Research Centre (Antigonish) and at GEOTOP (Montréal). Her PhD in Geophysics is from UQAM, and her M.Sc in Geosciences from Institut de Physique du Globe de Strasbourg in France, of which she is a native.

With a depth and breadth of expertise in large and multidimensional database management, data visualization and information extraction, Evelise's research encompasses various aspects of solid-earth geophysics, paleoclimate, and more recently greenhouse gas production and soil emission.

At StFX, Evelise has taught Quantitative Methods in Earth Sciences (ESCI246), Environmental Earth Sciences (271), Global Change and the Climate System (ESCI272), Geographic Information Systems (ESCI471), Ocean-Atmosphere Interactions (ESCI472), Geophysics (ESCI475), Special Topics in GIS (ESCI571) and Special Topics in Geophysics (ESCI575). During her doctoral studies, she was teaching assistant in Applied Geophysics (SCT2611) and Plate Tectonics (SCT5510) at UQAM.

Evelise organized GEOTOP student meetings and seminars, and StFX Earth Sciences lectures. She is involved in the popularization of planet sciences as reviewer and occasional writer for "The Volcanic Chronicles with Vicki Volka" website. She brought her technical expertise to maintain computer laboratories at UQAM and StFX, build web servers, and design webpages, blogs, forum and Wikis.

A more comprehensive vita can be found here.