Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions:
A Journal of the World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies
(a member of the International Federation of Philosophical Societies (FISP))

Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions is a multi-lingual (English - French - Spanish - German) philosophical journal, published annually, and sponsored by the World Union of Catholic Philosophical Societies.

It appears in print [ISSN 1609-2392] and in electronic [ISSN 1609-2406] format. A volume of approximately 200 pages is published each year; selected papers, along with a supplementary volume, are published in an electronic format.

The journal is indexed in The Philosopher's Index.

Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions (print version) / ISSN 1609-2392

Table of Contents - Volume 1 - 2002 (pdf file)
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Philosophy, Culture, and Traditions (electronic version) / ISSN 1609-2406
Vol. 1 (2002)

The journal aims at promoting dialogue and the fruitful exchange of ideas between philosophy and religious and cultural traditions. While recognizing the important contribution of Christianity to philosophy, articles appearing in the journal are not restricted to philosophy in the Christian or Catholic traditions.

Articles normally address general philosophical concerns, and authors include representatives of Asian, African, and aboriginal, as well as western (including the phenomenological, idealist, Thomist, and Anglo-American analytic and pragmatist) traditions.

The journal accepts manuscripts in all areas of philosophy, although each issue will contain a number of articles devoted to a specific theme.

The theme of the first number was Dialogue and Traditions.

The theme of the second number was Body and Spirit.

The theme of the third number was Identity, Rights, and Responsibilities.

The theme of the fourth number was Culture, Diversity, and Shared Values.

The theme of the fifth number was Philosophy Emerging from Culture.

The theme of the sixth and seventh numbers was Cultural Clash and Religion

The theme of the eighth number was Religious Wisdom and Perennial Philosophy: East and West

The theme of the ninth number was Oppression, Resistance, and Rights: Philosophical and Religious Perspectives

The theme of the tenth number was Religion, Philosophy, and Culture

The theme of the eleventh number will be Persons and Personalisms

Future issues will focus on such themes as Religion after Modernity; Freedom and Democracy; Concepts of Development; Human Dignity and Depersonalization; Truth and Morality; National Philosophies ; Environment and Human Value; and Philosophy and Religion in Dialogue

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