How can I document my worksheet showing row and column heading?







To document an Excel workbook, you would like a picture in a Word file showing an area of a worksheet with the column and row headings as in the figure above left. To achieve this: 1) Use Page SetUp/ Sheet to specify print with row and column headings – see figure below left. With this setting all printout from that worksheet will display row and column headings.

To put a picture in a Word or any other document:  2) select the range required, 3) Hold down SHIFT and select the Edit command from the menu bar; click on Copy Picture (note: this appears in the menu only when Shift is held down while selecting the Copy item), 4) In the Copy Picture dialog box ( see figure below right), use the As Printed option, and finally 5) you now have an image ready to paste into another application.

To see formulas as in figure above right; use CTRL + ` (this is the far right key on the top of the ‘typewriter’ keys)



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November 2005