Excel Tips and Tricks

A         Acid-Base titration

Area under a curve - Numerical Integration    Area of enclosed shape - polygon

Charts Column charts with a difference  (Excel 2003 and earlier)    Column charts with a difference  (Excel 2007 and later)

Plotting with missing data

Get real exponents in cells and charts

Polar chart 

D         Documenting a worksheet; printout showing row and column heading

Dynamic chart: add new data and the chart expands

E          ELISA four-parameter curve fit

Engineering Notation


Equation Solving

Quadratic Equation: an interactive HTML file


Cubic equation solver: roots of ax3 + bx2 + cx +d = 0. 


Fourier series:

            Generating a Square Wave using a Fourier Sum


Regression analysis

             Exponential Trendline and LOGEST – the relationship between

Polynomial regression: How can I fit my X, Y data to a polynomial using LINEST?

Confidence Interval of the Slope 

Confidence Interval of the Line of Best Fit

Confidence Interval for Measured X (Interpolation)

Regression analysis using Matrix Algebra


             Are you using Solver Correctly?


Molar Mass calculator (demonstrates VLOOKUP)

 User Form: Visual demo showing how to create a user form 

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