Carl Adams' Course Webpage

September 2012

Greetings!  If you have come to this page I assume you are looking for electronic resources associated with the courses I am teaching.  Here are links to the courses I have taught or am currently teaching.  You will find old tests and exams, lab handouts, assignments, and other course resources.  

My office hours for 2012-13 are Monday 11:15 to 12:05 and 1:15 to 3:05, Wednesday 10:15 to 11:05; 1:15-2:05, and Thursday 10:15 to 11:05.  In "block speak" office hours are D1, F1, G1, K2, M2, and B3.  I may not be here on Fridays 1st term.  I don't usually check my email evenings and weekends.

My office is room 1006 in the Physical Sciences Complex or you might find me in my research lab 1070 or one of the undergrad labs on the physics floor of the PSC (1079 is the Electronics lab and 1023 is the Modern Physics lab.  If you hear music that is likely where I am!).  The street address of the PSC is 5009 Chapel Square.  My email is, my office phone number is 867-5337, and the lab phone number is 867-3727.

Providing letters of reference is an important part of my job.  If you have taken a class from me or have had some experience with me that might be useful for a professional letter of reference do not hesitate to contact me, even on very short notice.  I will do my best to assist you.

Current Courses  

PHYS 100 General Physics Full Year 2012-13
PHYS 323 Electronics Fall 2012-13
PHYS 201 Modern Physics Winter 2012-13

Previous Courses

PHYS 325 Optics Fall 2011-12
PHYS 475 Atomic and Molecular Physics Winter 2010-11
PHYS 491 Physics Seminar Full Year 2010-11 (Adv Maj Project info)
PHYS 493 Thesis Full Year 2010-11
PHYS 322 Electromagnetic Theory I Fall 2009-10
PHYS 422 Electromagnetic Theory II Fall 2005-06
PHYS 476 Solid-State Physics Fall 2008-09