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Building a Better Environment


Building a Better Environment

* Building a Better Environment (BaBE) is a community initiative dedicated to building a supportive community environment for families to live, grow, work, and play in the Antigonish region.

* BaBE is a network of individuals, families, and groups united in cultivating a nurturing and supportive environment for the families in our community.

* BaBE's goal is to collaborate with the public in developing a community culture where all families feel included, supported, and connected.

* In its early days, BaBE was focused solely on creating a supportive environment for breastfeeding anytime and anywhere, and the acronym BaBE stood for Building a Breastfeeding Environment.  This early work was supported by a Thrive! Community Breastfeeding Grant awarded by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness.  BaBE has grown up over time and its vision has expanded.  We recognize that it is important to create a supportive environment for families more generally so that all families have the chance to flourish in Antigonish.  We have thus changed our name to reflect this shift in our vision.  The acronym BaBE now stands for 'Building a Better Environment'.

*Recently, BaBE received funding from the local Community Health Board to help develop the Nuture Nook, a family friendly space within the Antigonish Market Square.  This project, which was a collaborative project with the manager of the Market Square, marks the beginning of BaBE's shift to focus on families more generally.  If we can help to create conditions for a supportive community environment for families, we will build a better Antigonish.